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Application for Melodies of Life

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Name: Jaydee
Age: 27
Personal Journal: [personal profile] d21jaydee
Contact: xSaintjade on AIM, D21Jaydee on plurk
Other In-Game Characters: None

Character (Game Transplant)
Name: Daisy SPARTAN-023
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Canon: Halo. Specific canon is the Halo Legend episode Homecoming, with background from The Fall of Reach.
Canon Point: Post-Ending
Former Game: Luceti
Canon History: Canon history
Game History:

Moments after her death in the world of Harvest, Daisy awoke in the world of Luceti, unprepared, and unknowing, of both the world she was taken from, and the ones that laid beyond her universe. In the aftermath of the constant fighting at the world of Harvest, SPARTAN-023 arrived starving, strung as a trip-wire, barely capable of understanding the ways in which reality was bent in this world, commonly attributed by both 'shifts' and 'magic'.

And yet, most people welcomed her with open arms, even aliens. Beings she had shot, stabbed, burnt, and broken for five long years after her purpose as a defender of mankind was made clear. Moreso as many of them did not even look different from normal human beings, and in fact a few of them were being that had existed only in legends and mythology.

This was something Daisy did not understand. The world, in the way she had been risen through, had been one where they, the thirty-three best that humanity had ever risen, had been given the task to defend it not just from pirates and insurrectionists, but from the alien enemies that had set Harvest ablaze, and had sworn to destroy humanity down to the last strand of DNA, until no brick laid atop another.

Humans and non-humans alike lived in a place of relative peace to the constant activity and violence she had known for five years. With the indoctrination she had received, at first she found difficulties coping, taming warring instincts that needed the help of others to do so. Among the people she first met, were Charlotte Hazelrink, who invited her for chocolate at the face of the Spartan's paranoia; Adell, who would become her commanding officer in Luceti and one of her closest friends; Yellow-13, a pilot with whom he shared the bond of military nature; and Valvalis, perhaps one of the most important people Daisy had ever met in her second chance at life, who would teach her not only the arts of the winds, but like herself, gaining back her own humanity. She became the first person Daisy had got to kiss in her life.

Through her desire to both return to warfare, but also have the family she had led an uprising to get back, the breaking point came in the first Luceti Valley... in which she had everything she had always wanted: A father, friends and family both in war and in peace, a brother, a lover, a cause to fight for, and a home to return to. In this illusion, that the Malnosso had at first intended to make permanent, Daisy had been truly happy, both halves of what she were at last content. The cracks of that reality began to show when the residents had dreams about their former lives.

Daisy saw buildings so massive they had crossed the clouds, but also cities destroyed and turn to ash; monsters that glassed these worlds with the same fanaticism as the Third Party, but also people like her in full armor that could oppose them; a girl looking exactly like her in a wheelchair, in front of gardens she felt too familiar. Among the most terrifying visions, were that of being stolen as a child, taken to a place where a woman told them she would not be allowed to see her parents ever again, and forced into becoming a weapon.

When the residents woke from this illusion, Daisy broke. Feeling helplessness, and with the old wounds of her rebellion reopened, she fled the village for days, seeking for time alone and to think, realizing her own Spartan nature was being brought down with no enemies to fight, and coming to remember she did want this for a long time.

After days of distance, Valvalis and Daisy talked. And in a moment of desperation, anger, and helplessness, Valvalis became the first person Daisy had ever confessed her origins to: A child kidnapped from the age of six to protect humanity, at the cost of their own. For moments, she did not know what would happen, as she knew what she had done was essentially treason, but with none here, and no one that would show up in Luceti for the remainder of the project... what could she do?

Valvalis knew. She gave Daisy the family she had longed for. Among her, Kirimi, and Neliel.

In the months and years that followed, Daisy saw Valvalis as her sister, and gave her the same loyalty she would give her Spartans... even her original parents. Among the residents of Luceti, Valvalis was the first to see her human nature, getting to gradually bring down the walls of military formality that had kept her away from others.

Thanks to this, Daisy led two lives in Luceti: That of the Spartan warrior that wrote briefings on drafts and missions to give to the rest of the residents on incoming battles, aiding in both the wars and missions the Malnosso would either request or force them to take for the sake of their world against the Third Party (even getting involved in the operations to weaken the droids); and that of the girl claiming her life back, making friends, having meals with others, aiding newcomers, even getting dates.

Among them, the person she would fall in love with, Keimi. Their relationship in Luceti began as mutual innocence about the world of civilians upside, outside of either the water or war. The two of them explored these facets one by one, getting to enjoy them together, sharing both joys and pain, even living together, up to the point that in their first New Years' together, the two of them formally began their relationship, and at the end of both of their times in Luceti, they proposed to one-another. It was nonetheless a love clad with the pain of separation between home and the battlefield.

Within Luceti, among the things she took part in, were the operations to weaken the droids of the kidnappers, begun one fateful day when they failed to kidnap Trafalgar Law, and the Spartan took the chance to take a look at them in the little time they had to understand them. In time, Daisy took more and more chances to both investigate and covertly demonstrate her findings whenever possible.

This came at a point of luck, as after Bilirueben was declared a threat to both the Malnosso and the kidnapping faction, the residents successfully protected him, and in turn he rewarded the enclosure with an opportunity to make the droids defective. The operation was a success, and the droids no longer were invincible.

Unfortunately, life in Luceti was fickle, and a bitter truth of the world was that anyone could leave at any time. Many friends had been sent back to their worlds in her first year, but once Valvalis left, the last member of their family to leave their world, Daisy was devastated. Having been the person that gave her a home and had been her longest friend in Luceti, this was one of the hardest losses she got to bear.

Her absence was then followed by Adell, and then Keimi. Loss has a property among Spartans, and it is the reason they have turned cold towards the world. Daisy would have reverted to her Spartan nature, what she was in Harvest, had it not been for Saori taking the place that Valvalis had given her, and likewise given her a home to return to.

One day, Daisy left. Instead of returning to the death she found at the fields of Harvest, the world of Chrystallis decided it was the time for her to wake up.


The most defining aspect about Daisy is her split between home and family with duty and reason to live. Her indoctrination as a SPARTAN-II trainee severely took many of her social skills, in turn exchanging them for a drive to use her gifted nature to protect humanity. Having been one of the smartest, fastest, and strongest human children among 800 planets, she had been told by Halsey and the rest of the trainers that she had the obligation to save her race. Due to this, Daisy is extremely task-driven, and would often willingly take risks to ensure the safety of her group, both in her world where she was constantly active and was made a Chief Petty Officer, becoming a leader of her own, and in Luceti as she willingly took part in the drafts and missions.

Even then, Daisy was one of the few cases of Spartans for whom the attempt to have them forget their families failed. Dr. Halsey, the head of the SPARTAN-II Project, doubted that they'd forget their first names as their trainers and psychological crews suspected, but Daisy got to remember both her home at Sargasso and even her parents to some degree.

It is because of this, that after the augmentation procedures and feeling they had been lied to when seeing over half of her comrades dying or deformed (many of them that would resent Dr. Halsey even long after the end of the Human-Covenant War), that Daisy led her team to rebel and try to return to their families, thinking it was the only place they had left, and after being given back her teddy bear keychain by her clone, keeping it as a reminder of her origins and her own humanity.

Due to her time in Luceti, many injuries of her past had been reopened, such as the experiments and her tumultuous relationship with Dr. Halsey (the SPARTAN-II augmentation procedures) and the lack of a family and her reason for deserting only to realize she did not have her first family to return to. While she is a Spartan with a strong mental and psychological resilience (she did not commit suicide nor kill her clone when she first found her clone), the repeated events at Luceti made some of these emotional injuries more notable.

However, she also became a more sociable person, and was socially readapted to life thanks to the aid and compassion of those in Luceti. While she was capable of interacting with normal soldiers on the battlefield, her ability to both learn and follow from those more socially capable than her in peace, and protect them and lead them in the battlefield, allowed her to form strong bonds with the people at the world of Luceti.

In may degrees, Daisy is socially readapted, and to some degree she has found a balance between both her civilian life she has taken back and her being as a soldier, but between loss and separation of her loved ones, she will always have both halves fighting for control.

Third-Person Sample:

“Take a rest, Kuma.”

Kuma fell on his back after a full day of writing, finally getting to rest. Daisy had kept her busy, and even without the abilities she back in her own universe, he knew she was reluctant to leave her military nature, much less after having arrived (and escaped from) a strange world.

On the other hand, her mistress Daisy instead spent her time sitting on that table, staring at the notes of memories, facts about the world, and research with notes she corrected herself, or added to to know.

“Mistress... you just escaped, Kupo! Shouldn't you take a rest?”

“Not yet,” Daisy closed her eyes, thinking of John, “we still haven't made contact with the rest. I can't rest until I'm fully sure there's people I know here.”

“That may take a while, kupo!” The tiny moogle rolled to his side, and walked closer, “heroes of light arrive in waves, but it's never assured you will find people you knew.”

“Luceti taught me that,” she looked at the sketch she had made of her own back, scarred, with protuding white wings.

“You're just a recent arrival, so if you want to meet the rest you have to...”

When Daisy stood back up to her full seven feet of height and grabbed everything she had back into a bag, Kuma whimpered.

“Let's move. We're needed elsewhere.”

Mognet Sample:

This is Daisy SPARTAN-023, requesting any and all forces of the United Nations Space Command, or from the enclosures part of the Malnosso Project, to respond to this letter if received.

I've only received the barest information after the escape from the Imperial City, but at the moment I request intel from those that have been here the longest. Organizations, missions, technology, anything. I will meet in person for classified information if necessary.

I am not new to being kidnapped. Not to different worlds. I have been unable to find UNSC personnel in over three years. So if anyone that knows me receives this, please get in contact with me ASAP.

Daisy SPARTAN-023

Moogle Name: Kuma
Moogle Gender: Male.
First Job: Warrior
Second Job: Magitek Knight
Limit Break: Sargasso's Fury. During the five minutes in which she is under this, a storm will form around her, summoning strong winds, rain, and thunder, that will make most attacks difficult, but heighten her own, making it difficult for her enemies and allies alike to see and move with the storms around her.

Her perception of time will turn into a hypercognizant state, which Spartans in their world enter to in times of stress (their own version of bullet time, aptly called “Spartan time” by Kelly-087 in the books), and her physical abilities become outright superhuman, going above those of SPARTAN-II in Mark VI armor, perhaps closer to a Forerunner Warrior-Servant in Combat Skin.

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