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Do I, as a mun, commit OOC mistakes I should be more careful in the future? Do I commit spelling/grammatical mistakes (...I'm mexican. English is not my mother tongue)? Am I playing her according to what canon dictates she and the Spartans behave as? Do I miss some canon facts from her universe when I play her? Do I focus on one area too much more than others? In which ways does this characterization deviate Out of Character, and how can I improve?

If you want to comment and believe there are ways in which I could improve my writing as Daisy-023, and/or want to say there's areas where I'm doing a good job, you can comment here.

Same rules apply: So long as it's respectful and there's no flaming and no wank, s'alright. Comments are screened, Anonymous posting is allowed, and IP logging is off.

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