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[Just as the Chief Petty Officer is finished writing the report, there is the sound of armor moving around the room, along with the clicking of metallic rounds being inserted into cartridges.]

This is Daisy SPARTAN-023... I wish I had made this article before. I'm going to need a quick favor – If anyone in here has a Sniper Rifle, I'd like to borrow it -moreso if it has a suppressor. I'll need watch over movements and taking out a few important cultists before I go into the fray.

I got experience from Harvest and several other cities in Urban Ops, and I was the best in my unit in that scenario. [CQB as a balance in everything in close quarters – Frederic is the undisputed king of melee.] I'm going to need to lay a few tips in this one as well.

Situational awareness is important in here. Lightning-fast reactions whenever you fight inside will be prioritary. Sometimes one can get too confident, and next thing that could happen is finding an IED on the street, a sniper on a window... Or in this case, a shifter hidden just beside a door.

[Or a Covenant Drone behind her.]

Urban combat consumes time, so take these tips as a worst-case scenario handbook. The cultists will want to reach the village and take the fight there. Out task will be to forbid them that.

We're going to need the support of the people from that other enclosure. Nobody likes the Malnosso, but even if you're all powerhouses, you won't be able to be in two places at a time, and even they will need to defend themselves. We'll still have to be watchful and cooperate with the locals even if it's a heavyweight fight.

-The good news is that the “hidden enemy” element in Urban Ops against human enemies is not there, so target ID'ing will be easier in the spur of the moment. When it all begins, the enemy will take a while before they even get to reach the town, so traditional warfare will be possible before they reach the enclosure's village. Fanatics like the Third Party Cult or the Covenant often rely on attrition warfare, but that's what you'll have to avoid to prevent casualties.

-The bad news is that your enemy will fly, so they'll have multiple ways of getting into buildings. If you can get the locals to defend them, you'll have less to worry about. Whatever you do, gain time, keep the fight out of the village, in the airspace and in the surface, and don't let them reach the village. When it happens, you'll have to be careful when fighting on the streets... or inside buildings.

-Be careful when moving around open areas, and if possible, just avoid them and let the cultists wander around them for you to take out. Move in the shortest distance around buildings, use anything to hide your movement. Exterior urban combat is chaotic with the dozens of plazes the enemy could hide himself in if they have a building under their control. Even if the cultists won't use a lot of ranged weapons, there's the chance you could still be surrounded. Similarly, if a building has been taken by the enemy, be careful around windows.

-Whichever way you can, stay communicated. There are a lot of points to take note of, and if someone ends up needing help, we'll know it. We don't know if we'll get working radios for this mission, but they'll come in handy if the cultists reach the town.

-Strike from points where you will be the least visible. Even if you can take a lot of punishment, you don't have to: If you strike someplace hidden, not only will they not even know where and what to hit, but their morale usually shatters when you fight that way.

-Know if something doesn't really stand out in the environment, and look for them in places too likely to be used. Shadows, irregular sounds and smells, metallic reflections, voices, anything.

-Take note of important buildings, while at it. Some of them could be important ones to keep in your hands and away from the enemy: Clinics, Community Housings, Smithy, places where food and water might be stored. If the village turns out to be the same as ours, it's probably going to be a dispersed residential area, which will allow you to operate with even more freedom than if it was a metropolis of the Inner Colonies.

Some buildings may be used for different purposes, so be both creative and careful. The Covenant in my world would sometimes use human stadiums to hold a whole city's prisoners, to put an example. [...] This is why it's important not to let them take any building. Combat will turn harder once it happens.

-If possible, ask for blueprints of whatever buildings there may be. Again, if they reach the buildings, knowing the territory inside will help you. This is prioritary for Ops inside of buildings. Know your mission, know your enemy, know your territory, and know yourself. If a building ends up being taken, staircases and rooms overlooking building approaches take priority as points of access.

-Know what's on the other side of a door. Rushing blindly into a room when you have the time is just asking for it. There are hundreds of Law Enforcement Ops ended in disasters because they didn't know there were hostages in the room, having put up an explosives, or even an enemy waiting just beside the door.

Be quiet, listen to what's in there, see if you have the means to do so, and “slice the pie”, moving carefully at a distance from the corner to sweep for threats a few degrees at a time. If a battle inside of a building needs it, use multiple entries to flank them, but always strike in pairs and make sure you have cleared the room before you continue.

If you have the tech, a fiber-optics cam or a thermal reader could help you. Along with flashbangs and some door-or-wall-breaching rounds.

TIP: It's not conventional, but you don't have to go through the doors. Just be careful about the structure of the building, and don't destroy what could be either an important load-bearing wall or column.

[A tiny pause as she remembers herself and Grace plowing through a building by blowing up every wall in front of them. Good times.]

-As an addendum. Don't create rubble. Don't destroy buildings unnecessarily. Those people live in them, and we don't know if some of their shifts could cover them as they do in ours. Besides, the rubble will make movement harder for the locals.

-Separate combatants from noncombatants. That way, you'll deny the cultists of an advantage of taking hostages, and you'll have less holding youself back, and will let you protect people more easily.

Get the non-combatants to safe locations with a solid guard each. Have some tactics and strategies available to deter them from attacking them: An offensive hitting them hard, a solid defense on those points, false trails, anything. You have rules of engagement. Fanatics do not.

-Have a partner. I don't care if you can blow up buildings by yourself. The moment a shifter sneaks up on you, you'll lose your powers. Be always ready to counter-act it, have someone covering your back, and give you a greater angle of vision. Same for every draft. Same for every battle.

Just for the record, this manual doesn't even begin to cover the real thing, and this is only meant to cover some of the people coming on our mission, so I can give specific tips if needed. Urban combat is something that takes a lot of training and experience to be able to fight in. Even more powerful units have a lot of places to be taken by surprise – It's why it's always been frowned upon in Earth's history to taking fights inside of cities.

[One case in which they wanted a fight in a city was Stalingrad.]

Our advantage is that they rely too much on attrition warfare on a place they cannot afford it – we have few but strong units. We use maneuver warfare, we beat them by the dozens, we win.

Good luck, you guys. SPARTAN-023, out.



Keimi... I'm really sorry.


But I need to go. I'll be needed there.

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