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[There is no hesitation once the voice transmission begins. Her voice is solid, almost commanding.]

This is Chief Petty Officer Daisy SPARTAN-023.

This is a quick guide for anyone entering battle. I apologize if this guide is not as throughout as it should be, but the quicker we get to plan things out, the less casualties we'll have there. I'll be taking a defensive role in this battle, and do what I can to be with those that may be unfamiliar with the environment, or are simply not combatants, but that will not be an excuse for you to be foolish when we get there.

A jungle is an environment that is host threats not only relating to the Third Party, but to fauna, and even the vegetation, where the unexperienced person may have a hard time adapting to. So if you're not familiar with rainforest and jungles, read this.


Above all, use common sense and caution. The jungle is a hostile environment, but it can be used to one's advantage if you know it well. Even against our enemies.

Good luck, everyone. SPARTAN-023, out.

[True to her word, at the end of this transmission is the Army FM-90.5. I'm not putting the link because, while it's obligated reading for anyone into Basic Training -probably qualifying as Free Public Content-, I'm not sure if it would be allowed by LJ TOS... But other than that, you can search it on google, and pretend Daisy put it in here.

UPDATE: Link seems not to violate LJ TOS, so here it is. Have fun, it's a pretty throughout read. Your characters will need that info!]


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[There is a blond, 6ft 9in tall woman in a white suit, serving as her temporary alternative to what should have been the UNSC's Navy Service Uniform. She looks at the book, then gathers her breath to begin to talk.]

This is Sierra Twenty-Three, transmitting on an open channel. Any and all UNSC Forces in the area, respond.

[A pause, then an annoyed sigh. She was too used to her world, but she had to try, anyway.]

For everyone to whom I have not presented myself to, I am Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-023, United Nations Space Command, Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three, Naval Special Warfare.

I want to thank those that got me up to speed and assisted me during my introduction into this world. My world never had experience with spectral powers, so my hesitance to believe was... hindering.

[How can she explain the way she was without giving away too much?]

As my title and rank mentions, I belong to the armed forces of my world, so my return to a vaguely civilian life was unsettling in several ways, but I will do my best to adapt, and aid all whom I can.

Sierra Twenty-Three, out.
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[There is a girl in a delicate sundress advancing through the snow with her head down, stopping behind every tree big enough to cover her position, to look at the area around her. She shivers, and her hair had collected frost that had stuck on her blond hair, but her eyes continuously scan every tree in the environment with distrust and paranoia, ignoring the environment around her, as if she was being hunted.

Those that have spent time in the military would recognize her movements resembled that of a soldier. A weaponless soldier without protective armor or equipment, but a soldier nonetheless.

More specifically, a SPARTAN-II. And a Spartan was never weaponless.

Her breathing condenses with the frigid air around her, but she ignores it. This girl continues advancing through the forest, but she abruptly stops mid-way, looking at something in the snow, for a long moment uncaring of the alien woods that held her. She slowly bends down, and picks it up.

She mutters to herself.]

I've seen this before... I left this back there.


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