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This is Sierra TwentyThree. Transmitting on an open channel. Any unit within the vicinity, respond.




[A metallic being in black and red armor, nearing seven feet tall, looks at the journal from a golden visor, then steps back.]

This is Sierra TwentyThree, transmitting on an open channel.

UNSC comm systems seemingly incompatible with Luceti journal network. Whenever if the barrier blocks radio signals to the outside, or if radio tech is incompatible with this world, it will need further tests.

Recording special session with both the journal and the helmet, for analysis and, should anybody from the UNSC receive this, keep this for posterity on the variations on the laws of physics.

Current day is February 14, 2531. [It reserves herself a chuckle.] Valentine's day. Test number seven.

[The armored being sets itself in a combat stance.]

Commencing in Three. Two. One.

[The Spartan does several very swift movements resembling both CQB attacks and martial arts movements.

But nothing happens. The person in armor doesn't seem to be that bothered by it. She walks towards the journal, and holycrapitsheadhissesandgoes-- wait. It's Daisy. She shakes her hair.]

Test results remain negative, both inside and outside armor. Contact with filial spirits may become necessary for results.

Sierra TwentyThree, out.

((OOC: First post goes to Valvalis. Go nuts.))

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[[Val sounds... distracted at the least. Not her usual self for certain.]]

All back to your normal self, now, Daisy?

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Hmm...? Oh, no. I'm fine, Daisy. It's nothing really.

[[Totally miffed by her fight with Nel and Fujiko.]]

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Come over? Oh... sure. That'll be fine. I don't mind.

[[Val didn't seem to mind it so much today.]]

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[[Val didn't hurry to open the door, quite unlike how she would've done any other time. Kirimi was out having fun and Nel...

...Well... let's not talk about Nel right now.

Val barely offers a smile to Daisy as she sees her, and steps aside to open the door.]]

Hello. [[A rather flat greeting, but the look on her face shows that she may have a few other things on mind.]]

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I thought it was the year 2000.

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That's a really long way into the future.

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I have an HD TV in my house. Does that count?

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... 2531? [is from 1925 so...]

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What... what is the world like in 2531?

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[has no idea what all those things are but, one thing does catches his attention!] S-Several worlds available for human life?

19... 25


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So you're settling in now, Daisy?

[Yes, the name might not be on her top list, but it's habit to call people by names. And now she's finally checking in on the girl]


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Oh! You wear armor? Sorry, if I knew I would've tried to help you find it.

[Like she did with Silvie. And she's probably... picturing the wrong sort of armor, honestly. But armor shows up at the smithy sometimes, right?]


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Oh! Shirou! Has he made you cake yet? If not, you should really ask him to, he's skilled at baking.

[Yes this is what she focuses on. For now]


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