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[Daisy sounds emotionally well in this transmission... Perhaps too calm for someone going into battle.]

This is Chief Petty Officer Daisy SPARTAN-023.

All of you must have read the reports about the draft by now. I'll try to give a few pointers for this battle, so suggestions, corrections, and additions to this file are welcome. I'll be on the offensive, and help with the explosives that could be lying around the mines. So April was right with that one.

My unit has fought in a few underground ops, and can say it's a little like fighting inside bunkers. There'll be tight quarters, so there'll be a lot of close range combat. The faster you end fights, and the more domain you hold over the more open territories, the less they'll be able to move around.

- Equipment suggested from previous drafts still counts: Synchronized watches, compasses, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kits. Keep a few flares with you as well in case of emergencies. The announcement mentioned there would be proper ventilation in all areas of the mine, so the use of air filters is up to you to choose.

- Use all cave entrances and exits as choke points. Our enemies fly, so this one's an advantage for us. They'll be packed every time they try to move through the caves, so more of them that line up, the more you'll get to take down. Those are the most important point in any military operation.

This goes double for the processing area and the barricade. They're our most important points, so keep those routes safe. If you're of good hearing, be wary if the cultists are digging new holes.

- Go stealthy whenever you can. Many of the caves will have echo, so keep in mind that you'll make a lot of noise the moment you shoot or clash swords. If you're good at silent takedowns, this is where you must do them.

- Keep lights, night vision goggles, or a VISR system with you. Most areas will be illuminated through shifts, but if they go out, all goes dark. Take note, though: By using filial magic for light, you're risking yourself to be sensed by Shift Hunters.

- Every time your team goes through a cave, use a fire team file formation: Keep the guide up front, strongest second, support third, and second strongest in the back. This is so everyone can keep watch on the leader and imitate his movements as he scouts the environment in front of him, and if the group runs into trouble in either the front or the back, you'll be able to counter-attack while protecting your grenadier, healer, or medic.

- A personal tip: Flashbangs could be a good asset. The cultists' eyes will be adapted to the dark of the caves, so if you need a swift takedown when beginning an assault, you can pull the pin and toss one of them, take cover, and begin your attack. It will leave them blind, deaf, and dazed for a few seconds. Enough for you to take a group out.

A word of warning. A flashbang will do the same to you if you're within the vicinity, so use it only if you have something to take cover on to protect yourself from the effects of the weapon. I can instruct people with their use, but if you're not familiar with their use, do not request them.

It won't cause the damage an explosive could cause to make a cave-in, but it's still a weapon, and should be respected as such.

- If we're going to be tagging enemies, do so with important targets (Elites, Shifters if possible), but don't risk yourself for it. What we want are lesser casualties for the coming battles, so don't risk your life to tag one target if you can help it.

- Be wary of explosives. Not only from your powers and your weapons, but from those left on the mines. Mining operations in my world are planned with weeks beforehand for all detonations, but it's possible many may have been left around this theater, increasing the risk of cave-ins. If you're a powerhouse, this is more important. If it's not the Third Party what takes you down, the mine will.

- If you find an explosive, tag it's location through the journals so an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist can take care of it -through magic, tech, or training-. Explosives can be made through several methods and materials, so don't risk your life or of those around you if you don't know what do with one.

- Don't go alone. This is for every battle. Your allies have strengths you may not, you have weaknesses the cultists could exploit, and you won't heal yourself if you're wounded and surrounded.

As always, be cautious and use common sense. This place will heavily limit the cultists' ability to fight, but don't get careless. Above all, survival is more important than any other objective. We have good odds now, so use them.

SPARTAN-023, out.


[Those looking for SPARTAN-023 will find her making preparations for the battle... with the same calm as if she was going for a road trip.]


I could use lessons with a short sword.

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