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1) Height: 6'9'' (2.06 mts) out of armor, 7' (2.13 mts) inside it.

2) Weight: Around (or over) 102 kg (225 lbs) out of armor. Result of both rather constant exercise and augmentations giving her carbide ceramic bones and dense muscles. A heavy and very athletic girl, but heavy nonetheless. Inside her armor, she weights around 450kg (~1000 lbs).

3) Eye color/Hair Color: Blue eyes, Blonde. Appearance out of armor.

4) Age: 20 headcanon, current 21.

5) Physical features: Hip-long hair, well-maintained; 6'9'' or 2.06 meters tall, always has a tiny teddy bear keychain with herself that may be a little hard to notice.

6) Voice: Carli Mosier in english, Houko Kuwashima in japanese. Sounds much more youthful than she looks. Voice samples of Daisy in english in her episode.

7) Who do they live with and how are chores divided in their house/apartment?: Daisy, though Keimi often visits and helps a lot just as well.

8) Their favorite (and least favorite, if you want) foods and who does the cooking in their house/apartment?: Steaks, though she eats of everything. She's trained and capable of cooking her food, but nowhere near the level of a chef. A lot of the times she gets her meals from the restaurants, though. Desserts and sweets are a guilty pleasure of hers. She learned how to bake time ago. Keimi cooks just as well sometimes.

Most hated? UNSC Standard-Issue MRE's. She doesn't miss that from home.

9) What they do during an average day in Luceti:

- Meditation, sometimes talking to the spirits.
- Reading
- Quarters maintenance (Additional: Flower arrangement)
- Scouting and exploration
- Exercise in the Gym
- Combat practice
- Fighting in the Battle Dome
- Studying/Analyzing data
- Armor Maintenance

10) Their general sense of fashion: Military. She prefers fitting clothes and uniforms. Her common choices include: Her armor(s), a red navy jumpsuit, and a navy drab. Civilian clothing is touched more than before (even though she feels them too loose and uncomfortable). In winter she openly uses civilian winter clothes for comfort, or her armor. Because of Luceti, she has been a little more liberal in not using it.

Something to note: No matter what she is dressed with, and no matter if she is even in a mission or in battle, she always has a tiny teddy bear keychain. It's small, and a little hard to notice, but it's always there. She has a history with it, so to speak.

Current wardrobe:

-MJOLNIR Mark IV Powered Assault Armor.
-ODST Battle Dress Uniform.
-New feather dress.
-White suit with military boots.
-Red UNSC Jumpsuit with white boots.
-UNSC Navy uniform.
-Green military pants with yellow bags, gray tank top.
-Two different red jackets. One wool and buttoned, another more loose.
-Two different red skirts. One wool and buttoned, another with a bow.
-Yellow camisole.
-Red one-piece.
-Litchi's Teddiursa getup.
-Winter clothes with scarf.
-Gathered desert attire, with transparent glasses.
-Few example clothes from Keimi. Of particular note a colorful scarf.
-Several dozens of very ornate princess dresses from the Fairy Tale shift.

11) Do they have any hobbies? Did they come up with these hobbies in Luceti, or was it something they always did?: Meditation, reading, exercise, and training, from canon. In Luceti, meditating to talk to the spirits, practicing in the Dome... And baking. Recent one is flower arranging, and having them in her quarters.

12) Has the situation in Luceti changed their view on certain topics/the way they react to different things?: She doesn't wear her armor as often because of the wings, is more tolerating towards visibly non-human & non-mythological species, physical contact isn't as much of a taboo to her (especially so when it concerns close friends and Keimi), and is slowly getting used to civilian life. Of a negative one, her grudge against medical malpractice and slavemasters as gotten stronger.

13) Do they have a weapon? If so, do they carry it at all times or just under certain circumstances?:

-MA5B Assault Rifle
-M6D Pistol
-Combat Knife

-Lina's Short Sword
-Adell's .44 Netherworld Peace Maker
-Yellow 13's H&K USP .45 pistol

-Claymore sword from the Smith.

She carries her knife, Lina's short sword, and a pistol outside of her armor. When inside her armor, she carries her rifle, two pistols, and the short sword as a standard. Because of her growing armory, however, she will have to become more selective in the future, especially given missions with different ways to be tackled on.

14) Who are their neighbors?:

No one in her floor. Luke, Lupin, and Zenigata are her most immediate building neighbors, with the later two much to her chargrin.

15) Who are their best friends in Luceti? How often do they spend time with them and doing what?

Valvalis and Neliel in a sisterly sense. She often visits their house to either practice her wind magic or just be with them (and help in the house if needed); Keimi in the romantic one. Aiding eachother for either their ventures within the village or to prepare for missions/drafts, helping eachother with their quarters, and just being there for one another.

16) Their favorite areas/stores/hang-out locations?: Battle Dome, Gym, the Cherry Tree... And the fountain.

17) Wing color and how do they deal with their wings?: White. She keeps them open when outside her armor, but unconsciously ignores them. Having never dealt with wings before, her Spartan training in keeping emotions in check applies not to her wings, making her emotions open when seen.

Daisy keeps her wings covered inside her armor for combat reasons, even if it is uncomfortable as sin. Better to bear with discomfort than letting the enemy make use of it, anyway.

18) Did they change or grow in any way physically since coming to Luceti?: Her hair is now at hip-length after the fairy tale event and well-maintained. Because of improved life conditions (IE, not in a warzone with dwindling resources), most likely gained a handful of kilos as well.

19) What do they miss the most from home?: Constant activity, real combat, some certainty if the enemy is out there... And her reason for living. Saving humanity. Likewise, things she is having to get used to, having got a little help from the former therapist of Luceti, Paprika.

20) What does their handwriting look like? Do they write the way they talk, or is there a clear difference between the two?: Formal and legible, with a little stylization when she writes, but her intention is to make her writing as readable as possible when giving out information and announcements.

21) Is the way they act in person different from the way they act over the journal system?: Paranoid over giving important information over the journal, but other than that, attempts to be as solid in the journals as outside them. Inside her armor, she keeps her emotions in check.

22) Did they gain/lose any personal goals during their stay in Luceti?: Lost her role as protector of the human race upon her death and entrance into Luceti, but kept (and vastly expanded) her duty to save and help as many lives as possible. A newfound one, after her desertion and return, is her readaptation into normal life, and her loved ones' welfare.

23) Is Luceti a technological upgrade, or downgrade for them? Have they adapted to these changes well?: Save for the Battle Dome, a big downgrade, but because of her training, she adapted quickly.

24) FOR STUDENTS: What is their favorite class? What is their least favorite class? What about their general behavior in school?: Not a student, but has a thing for magic and math, and against physical education because it is too easy. And if she was a student, she'd be as obedient as you'd want her.

25) FOR DRINKERS: What is their favorite drink? What is their least favorite drink? Do they prefer Good Spirits or Cloud Nine? What's their attitude about and while drinking?: She does not drink (only with exceptions), but in the times she does, she prefers very sweet drinks. Punch/screwdrivers/something Pinkie Pie would do as a bartender.

Given her inexperience at drinking, UNSC SPARTAN-II rules towards their aversion to it, and Daisy's emerging will to learn more, it's a mess: She knows drinking is risky, and would try to be controlled with it, especially so since most liquors by themselves (beer, tequila, whiskey, etc) taste horrible to her. She can only drink them if they're hidden with something sweet to drink, and even then she did not know how to manage it, drinking quickly.

....... However, given her biology, it's very hard to get her drunk. She'd need around seven drinks in less than an hour to be tipsy. I kind of want her to be forced into a drinking contest with Nami, and lose when the Romulan Ale comes in.

26) Do they have any special talents? If so, what are they?: She is a Spartan. Essentially the utmost elite forces of her world, given not only training in nearly everything, but augmentations that granted her strength, speed, intelligence, and reflexes that reach superhuman levels.

For a SPARTAN-II, she is a very talented fighter and good leader (to the point she was promoted quickly to Chief Petty Officer, although she dislikes it), and her specialty is CQB (Close Quarters Battle: Fighting at close ranges that may even include melee).

27) Have they learned any new skills or abilities in Luceti? If so, what are they? Why and how? Wind magic, thanks to Valvalis, and filial magic in general. Her constant tutelage has helped Daisy be very proficient in its' use to aid her movement, disorient enemies, or to even straighten the path of her bullets in combat. The Spartan's strongest bond is with Kipinn.

She is very aware of its' utility in battle, and wants to make use of as much filial magic as possible. Winds to improve her movement, fire to burn enemies with the metal of her armor, water to gather it from the environment, earth to change their footing, among other things... And as Daisy thought once, keeping the winds still for a distant shot would be Linda's a Sniper's wet dream.

Other newly-lerned skills to fight are swords of short, long, and claymore kinds, by a lot of instructors (Link, Ganondorf, Leonhardt, Luke, etc). While she is still far from what Frederic-104 would be like, she handles herself very well with them in combat. An example of it was during her seafaring mission.

In civilian matters, she knows about baking and flower-arranging, too. She just likes sweets in general, and does a decent job with them thanks to Charlotte; as for flower-arranging, she seems to have a more innate ability. Her love of gardens most likely helped with it.

28) What kind of habits do they have on drafts? Are they willing to kill or do they prefer to avoid fighting?

Beside following her methodology in the briefings she gives for her drafts and her missions, bringing over as many weapons as she can request and being in a group. While she used to operate alone, she was also a Squadron leader and trained to work with groups, so she knows very well the importance of working with teams. If a shifter comes up while in the MJOLNIR or she is injured, she will need a friend to help her; if a friend of hers is taken down or hit by a shift affliction, she will defend her friend as if she was from her pack of wolves.

She does not have any remorse over killing cultists, and does so with an eerie efficiency. While they were taught about honor and to take care of their own, Spartans are very capable of killing their enemies. You could have her slaughter a platoon, and then have her peacefully eating a meal above their bodies.

Part of her reason to be able to kill cultists, just as well, is because their kind is familiar to Daisy. Some Spartans feel a little regret when killing human beings, but the Third Party Cultists are too similar to the Covenant of her world: Fanatic enemies that wish only for your destruction, that deserve neither your pity nor mercy.

29) What kind of habits do they have on missions? What is their reason for going on them? What do they intend to use their points for? Same way as you use armory points in Halo: Reach: More stuff to fight more. :D.

Seriously though, half of it is getting points to aid herself from the problems of Luceti, to learn more of the situation of the world, and to have something to do. It may sound silly, but in fact, Spartans love challenges and difficult operations. SCPO Mendez noted that their morale improves with harder challenges. For her, these missions serve to break her boredom, and put her in difficult scenarios that do challenge her and to help herself and the residents.

She wishes to spend her points in more things either she or her friends may need. She has been thinking of getting the shift have the MJOLNIR repair itself in 24 hours, or a machine that could get her suited up faster. So far, she has spent her points to get an ODST Battle Dress Uniform, and for munitions for her weapons.

Even then, she has a philosophy towards the missions: Lives are more important than points. They do this to help themselves -- Not the Malnosso.

30) How long have they been in Luceti? Has that length of time impacted them in any way?: Since early Jannuary of the third year of Luceti (Early Jan 2011). She is getting used to civilian life, and while the events of Luceti have impacted her psychologically, she is seeking treatment, and in a way, she might be getting help against even older traumas.

Daisy is the happiest she has ever been while in Luceti. But also just as sad, and as angry. If it weren't for the Malnosso, she would not want to leave. And even then, there's the drafts and the missions.

She is undecided whenever if she wants to leave. She knows that her life could end as soon as she leaves Luceti. If she could, she would want to return to her world to continue to help in the war even if it was hell, but all in all, it would also mean losing her loved ones and the closest thing she's ever had to a civilian life.

31) How do they unwind and get back to normal after a brutal experiment, event, or draft? Keeping her mind busy. A mission, fighting in the Dome, going exploring, meditating, and being inside her armor. She yearns both for the feeling of safety it provides, and for having her mind focused in fighting. Something to prevent herself from thinking about what happened.

Save for her wishes to learn more about civilian lifestyle, she does not drink after these events. Part of it is Spartan nature and willpower, but another may be this: If you had her life, who wouldn't drink himself to death?

32) What is their worst experience from an experiment or kidnapping? Were there any that they actually liked? While her first kidnapping brought up old memories of the augmentation procedures and of Harvest, the AU event of April 2011 nearly broke her. Daisy has a past with losing her whole life in the blink of an eye and treated as if it had never existed. Being only four months in Luceti, and at the moment with Valvalis as her only strong bond, it was akin to her past: Being kidnapped from her parents, and to come back home after years only to see she had been replaced.

She had a dad, a mother, a brother, a mentor and a group, a former lover, an organization to go to in the future, and a fate of her own choosing. It was the perfect life and everything she had always wanted. In a darker nature, had it not been for Luceti's cycle of death and rebirth (and Valvalis' help in putting her back together), it's very possible she would have commited suicide. In heacanon, she almost did it when she knew she had nothing to return to during the events of her escape.

When it happened again, she fell into a depression but was not hit as hard. By that time, she had Valvalis, Neliel, and Keimi with her. She had a family of her own.

As for liked ones, there are four:

- Her first shift, what you love the most. She became her mom. She still has the photo Valvalis took of her during that shift, and to this day keeps it with herself.

- The other-species shift, in which she became a sylph, or an air elemental, if you will. Being as a being composed of pure wind helped her gain perspective and knowledge on the way the winds worked.

- The fairy tale shift both for her liking of fantasy stories, and for actually providing her with dresses fit to her size, in spite of having been made Rapunzel for a time, and even then she left her hair at hip-length. Valvalis may be the one to blame for it.

- Secretly, her most favourite was the incident of the Battle Dome. In spite of seeing the Covenant for an instant and fearing for Luceti, she also got to fight. Most importantly, it was her first time in five years to see her first home.

33) Anything else you want to note?: Because of her... different, upbringing, she lost a lot of social skills that are being regained. Finding comfort in the familiarity of military lifestyle is perhaps the biggest bump on the road for her. Part of what's making her try new things is getting the growth she was not allowed to have, and knowing she might not have much time left...

Daisy has a personal, deep-seated fear of the droids, and of being kidnapped. It reminds her of Halsey's crimes during the SPARTAN-II Project: Being taken away from everything she knew and loved, and having her body changed nightmarishly, and seeing friends of hers crippled for life. So, her reasons for hating the Malnosso are personal and psychological. That should tell you why she wanted to paint the Battle Dome blue at that time.

Also, she eats a lot. Girl has to get muscle from somewhere.