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[For the first time in months, without the intervention of any friend of hers to do, Daisy breaks her routine. She takes a walk to the forest out of her armor.

The Chief remembers talking with Adell about his world. No matter how much she heard from people of all worlds, it all seemed too fantastic for her to understand, but his was the strangest. The thought that his world had an afterlife of sorts sent a pang of fear.

Daisy had never really been religious, but she remembers the time before she was six: Thinking about heaven, paradise, and the wings -an irony that hits her right now-. She realized only now that it was mistaken christian mythology, but after she graduated as a Spartan, she never put much thought in any afterlife. For a long time, she imagined that when death came for her, that would be it. It was a fate every Spartan had always been ready for.

One she had taken before she was reborn in here. She doesn't know what to take of an afterlife that may judge her when her time in Luceti ends. And for the first time in years, she is afraid.

She sighs. How many friends had she lost in the last few months? In her whole year? Charlotte. John Stewart. Edge Maverick. Shirou. Rin. Saber. Faze Sheifa. Meiling. Remilia. Marica. Lina. Amelia. Litchi. Kent. Tomoya. David Jordan. Michael Blanc.


As she was trained to become a Spartan, she became used to the possibility that she or her comrades would die on the line of duty... Sometimes even in training.

Or during augmentations.

Even after she became a Spartan, and would have to go to some missions alone, sometimes she willingly secluded herself. With the pain of losing friends of her in this place, more than once did she wonder if this all was worth it: The parties, the events, the attempts to reach out, the things she is learning, and the socialization.


Daisy remembers waking up alive after that skirmish, and hearing Meiling's words. The first person to know about the Spartan's fate in the dead soil of Harvest.

“By all rights, I shouldn't even be here.”

“Hey, come on. Don't think like that. You should be happy you got a second chance.”

A second chance. She found herself muttering those words after that same day, and after her lone pilgrimage to the mountains. Those words have remained with her ever since.

It has all been worth it.

She continues walking. Those words are the reason she had changed so much in one year.

One year. Daisy thinks. Hard to think so much has changed in little time.

Daisy remembers the last letter of the Major David Jordan as well. He wished a peaceful life for a Spartan, away from warfare, and all she used to know for over fourteen years. And strangely, it's only now when she understands what he meant. What he wanted for her.]

[Strangely, Daisy will not be found at the Gym, nor at the Battle Dome, nor the places she frequents to keep herself and her armor sharp. For the whole of the day, Daisy walks around the forests in silence, silently tracing her steps where she first arrived -running from cover to cover, with her senses being as tense as strings back then-, all the way to the outside of Jordan and Litchi's house -Kazama's now, she corrects herself-, and to the coffee shop where Charlotte invited her for a warm drink.

She remembers being baffled to think that people would want to eat and drink with a Spartan. Now, she also realizes only one of the people that first saw her when she arrived is still here. Riku.

The rest is gone. Charlotte. Green Lantern. David Jordan. Shirou.

She was a malnourished and scarred weapon little better than an attack dog, hiding her fear into a drive to kill when she first arrived in that sundress. Now, she is a woman clad in red winter clothes fit to her shape and a golden scarf, and her hair had been allowed to grow long enough to reach her hips – Something Daisy blames both the fairy tale shift and Valvalis for.

When her team ran away from CASTLE Base, she once wondered if her parents would even recognize her after everything that was done to them. She is still over two meters tall, she still depends on her armor, she continues to crave for any sort of military to give her a sense of normalcy, and for the battlefield to give a sense of thrill she had only just found in other places thanks to friends of hers... And she still carries that tiny bear she had held on to for so many years.

But now she wonders if other Spartans would recognize her.]

((OOC: Those that look for Daisy will most likely find her in the forest, walking; she may be found in front of a fire made from dead branches she collected, staring at it and meditating to channel Eferin; or even on an attempt to make a snowman. Generally, she's going through her steps when she first arrived in Luceti, quite pensive.))

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