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[It's in one of many visits to House 51 when Daisy carries groceries to share with Valvalis, when she notices another thing had turned different. She drops her bags.

She doesn't unholster her weapon. The girl simply walks into the house, doesn't even hear the winds inside, and walks into every room to find them empty. What was once the room of Kirimi, and the room once shared with Neliel. Rooms that were once occupied were now completely empty.

It's almost as if none of them had even been here.

It's silent. It's all sterile. Her senses were delicate. She could hear a butterfly rest over the window if she waited, but she doesn't hear anything inside. It's too silent.

It's torture.

She clings to her journal. She fears for her photos of them.

"You accepted me."

"Of course. You didn't give me reason not to. This... hmm... you know I don't mean ill, but, why don't I adopt you, too? It may not be the same, but at least while you're here, you'll have a family to go to."

Suddenly, SPARTAN-023 feels like she is alien to Luceti again.]


Valvalis is back home.

[It's a simple message. She doesn't cry. Out of some miracle more than a year ago, she didn't cry when she had that life ripped away from her.

Time ago, she would have worn her armor, and made a pilgrimage to the mountains alone to think about her life. She even would have rejected Keimi's pleas not to do it. Anything to think about herself. On what made her different, and perhaps defective, from the rest of the Spartans.

Whenever if to want for her family had been actually worth it.

She was different now. Instead, the Spartan does the same all others did back home, on the aftermath of the surgeries, and on the day Samuel died: She continues her life, swears to protect what remains of her group and of Keimi, and tries to go on for their memory.]


[To be expected, she spends an hour longer than usual in the Battle Dome, inside of a holographic copy of the MJOLNIR, mowing down alien enemies with an outward serenity. Almost as if she was doing target practice in the middle of a broken urban environment.

It's how all Spartans used to cope back home, by returning to duty. And there is no draft or mission that needs her.]


[The moment she begins her lone meditation, she spends even longer below the cherry tree, sitting in a lotus pose for over an hour, immobile, unaware of the world around her.

Around her, the winds form a soft whirlwind around her, almost to caress her long blond hair.]
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[Action: Below the Cherry Tree]

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[Ami finds Daisy under the cherry tree. While the Spartan's sharp senses might inform her of the visitor, Ami herself stays quiet, reluctant to intrude but wanting to lend her presence. Her support. To be alone is the worst thing.

So she lets the quiet stretch on for a long moment before she finally speaks, voice deliberately quiet and gentled.]

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[Action: Below the Cherry Tree]

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[Ami still hesitates uncertainly.]

I just thought... It seemed you might like company, maybe. If you don't, we can talk later.
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[Action: Below the Cherry Tree]

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[There's something a little unsettling about that calm; but once she's welcomed, Ami seats herself quietly beside Daisy. Time goes by in silence before she speaks again.]

I know it doesn't change that she left, and I might not be the right person to say it, but I'm sorry you're missing her.
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[Action, Battle Dome]

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[He had seen the written entry. Knew what it meant. Adell was acquainted with Valvalis in passing, but knew much better how much she meant to his second-in-command... and probably best friend. He knows well enough where she'll be.

But he knows better. He knows better than to disturb her while she fights. It's how she grieves. How she copes. It's no different from him. He threw himself into fits of near-berserk rage in the dome to blow off any amount of pain and sorrow when particularly close friends disappeared. He did that less these days. Nowadays, his rage, when needed, was focused like a finely sharpened sword.

Still. Camaraderie and friends were the only thing people had to keep it together while in Luceti. So he waited. Waited outside the door to her chamber, not watching the battle. He leaned against the wall, folded his arms, and closed his eyes, and merely waited for the doors to slide open and for her to leave.]
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[Action, Battle Dome]

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[Rare for her to do that these days. She's not well. No one would be. He won't chastise her for it. It's what she knows. Perhaps what she needs right now.

He pushes himself from the wall and straightens up, looking more formal than he perhaps had in a long time.]

At ease.

[A simple order. But one said with authority, one Adell rarely displayed these days.]

[Action, Battle Dome]

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Action / Cherry Tree

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[Don't look up Daisy, but Marco is sitting up in that tree in his phoenix form. After some time, he stops reading, and starts whistling as a phoenix instead, softly singing something like this.]
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Action / Cherry Tree

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[Once he's warmed up, he switches to singing actual words. It's not a particularly difficult song, but as casual as it seems, it should be pretty obvious to Daisy that it reminds him of his father.]

If you miss me when I’m gone, just walk down by the sea,
Sing with a whisper of the waves, and there remember me.
What a lucky man you made of me, always at my side.
Where I am, I’ll wait for you as faithful as the tide.

Everyday sing a song,
To help me sail along,
Too ra loo ra loo ra loo ra le
And I’ll be on my way.

Rocks keep rolling, hills keeps rising,
Water flows, no compromising,
Trees are swaying, leaves are turning,
Earth is spinning, sun is burning,
Clouds are forming, wind is blowing,
Now it’s raining, now it’s snowing,
Flowers are blooming, birds are flying,
Some are laughing, some are crying.

Remember there was dancing on that night so long ago,
We sang and raised our glasses to the starlight on the snow,
Well if you should see those northern lights on a frosty winters eve,
Watch them dance and know I’m there, there’s no need to grieve.

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[Action] Below the Cherry Tree

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[Saori, upon reading the message, immediately began to look for the enormous Spartan. Her own relationship with Valvalis had been strained since the incident where she lost control, but they had still been friends, housemates, and...a sort of family even if she hadn't been able to keep up with the Elemental Fiend's strange appetites. It takes her a while but she does find Daisy in her meditative position.

The wind stirs at her approach, and Saori takes a seat across from the titan]

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[Saori returns Daisy's smile with a sad one of her own, her eyes lowered and unsure. She's not sure what to say, really, but she knows that Valvalis had been family to Daisy. What was there she could say?]

I felt it. And...I'm sorry. I...don't know what to think, myself.
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[The Battle Dome is not where one would expect to find Grune in the normal course of things--but the past week has hardly been normal for her at all with her returned memories and rediscovered purpose.

She had been intending to spend some time practicing (being in Luceti has dulled her skills), but when she notices someone else is making use of the dome, she moves to watch instead. It's always a good idea to know what your allies are capable of.]
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[Action, Battle Dome]

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[Grune does nothing more than blink at the sudden movement; she does not flinch or startle. And she certainly does not react with fear.]

Hello, Daisy. Please, do not stop for my sake. I was only curious.

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[...She's not sure who this Valvalis is, so that leaves Shepard rather...unsure of what to make of it at the moment. However, she's not about to leave a fellow soldier to her own woes.

Shepard comes along to the Battle Dome later on, and she'll probably stop and watch on quietly if the poor girl's still at it by the time she arrives.]
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[She salutes in return out of courtesy, just as quickly lowering her hand.]

At ease, Daisy. [Even as she speaks, she keeps a watchful eye on the other girl's expression.] You holding out alright?