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[Rec Center and Outskirts]

[Daisy doesn't feel bedsheets covering her. She feels a softness akin to her bed and pillows, but her hair doesn't feel nearly as much pull, feeling much like the way she used to keep it prior to Luceti.

She realizes she is no longer in her bed. Whatever is below her feels too hard to her--


What the hellhappened!?

Daisy opens her eyes. She moves what should have been her legs, instead moving a single pink fish tail in a single motion, and looks up to see her own chest and sleeping expression in front of her.

She bolts back, breathing heavily -too shortly-, noticing only barely that they were atop the pool table. She feels small. Too small. She tries to not watch the tail below her as she began to wake up. They had taken them in the middle of the night, they injected them with something just when she knew something was wrong. She remembered glimpses and images...

No. Not now. She focuses on the greater danger. Keimi was in front of her. She focuses on the point below her navel to calm herself.]


[She mutters. Softly, taking whatever distance she can from her.]

[Around Luceti]

[After an hour, Keimi and Daisy return to the outside, with different expressions, Keimi holding herself with the solidness of movements of the military. Their movements are also clumsier. While the mermaid struggles with her chest and tail, along with strength she doesn't have, the Spartan's balance is thrown off... as well as her strength.

“Keimi” makes more exercise than usual, as they direct eachother on routines and diets necessary for their bodies. They wander around the Battle Dome, Seventh Heaven, and the Library, seeking for ways to adapt to their bodies.]

((OOC: Keimi's alternate account is [personal profile] mjolmaid and Daisy's is [personal profile] nascidanosargasso. Order is You -> Daisy -> Keimi, but you can ask for only one of them if you wish.))
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Everything okay Daisy-chin?

[She answers dreamily, but the moment the words leave her mouth, she knows in an instant that things are not okay. That was not her voice. It was comforting and familiar, but it was not hers.

She shifts, but her entire body feels heavy. Larger. It takes her a moment to get used to the sensation before she is finally able to sit up. During the motion, her toes curl, and her eyes go wide. The Malnosso have given her legs in the past, but these felt markedly different. But all of that was nothing the moment she realized that it was not Daisy's face looking back at her, but her own. In a panic, tears begin to well in the corners of her eyes.]

W-what's... going on?
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[She holds up a hand, softly lowering it, keeping her expression neutral. Even if there is clear shock and fear the mermaid nonetheless controls. Her tail sets below herself.]

Focus below the navel. Breathe first, and deep.
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[She has no idea what's going on, but Daisy is putting on a brave face. It's only best that she does too. She closes her eyes, taking a deep, long breath. In... and out. In... and out.

After a moment, she opens her eyes again.]

Why am I... you?
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[Daisy pauses. She attempts to recall her thoughts... the few memories she has of everything. Of the kidnapping...

Of the changes.


We were taken one or two nights ago. It should be a body-shift between the two of us.

[Succinct, and to the point. Nothing to let herself or Keimi think about what happened.]

You need to be careful. My body is very different from most humans.
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[She nods slowly, trying her hardest to wrap her head around the craziness of all this. She's been in shifts before, but this is by far the most bizarre thing she's gone through in the almost two years she's been here.]

I feel... really heavy.
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My body weights more than twice what most humans' do. Bone and muscle density are responsible for it. You'll need practice before you even walk, especially with the height. Sit straight first.

[Daisy tries the same - with some effort. She feels lighter, but at the same time too unbalanced. Too different from her body. An urging part of her wished to exercise to compensate.]
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[She strains, trying to adjust herself. Her powerful muscles would have no problem moving the extra-dense Spartan body, were she experienced enough to know how to move them. She grips the side of the pool table, her fingers dug in so tight the wood begins to crack. With one last burst of effort, she manages to set herself upright.]


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[Action / Library]

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[Smoker's looking for a new mystery novel, but sadly nothing new. He'll have to wait for the New Feather round, or read something else for now. But then he spots his daughter.]

Hey Princess. It's unusual to see you in here. Looking for something specific? Maybe you can help me find something too.

Daisy. [Nods and gives a salute to the Spartan.]
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[Action / Library]

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Sir. We need a few books on anatomy and gastronomy, especially for being-specific diets.

[While the voice is the same, the tone is too uniform and neutral to be hers.]
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[Actually, it's the tall blonde amazon standing at the mermaid's side that perks up to the name "Princess". She smiles awkwardly, giving a quick wave.]

Um... h-hi, Daddy.
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[The voice might be the same, but Smoker cannot even begin to wrap his head around the idea of Keimi using the words "anatomy" and "gastronomy," much less calling him Sir.]

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[And he looks over to Daisy who's wearing a sheepish grin. Oh. Right reaction, wrong body.]

[He's just going to facepalm. And grab a chair. He needs to sit down ASAP.]
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I take it you just woke up like this? [He switched bodies with Nico Robin once after all.]

God damn Malnosso antics.

What do you need those books for? [Back to Keimi... well Daisy, in the mermaid's body.]
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[Daisy looks up at Keimi when she realizes this could be hard for the Vice-Admiral to take, and it is. She gives him the time to recover - as much as he needs... and probably more.]

To adapt ourselves. It's our fist time with these bodies, so we need to know how to maintain them. Especially Keimi's.
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[Keimi, however, has other things on her mind. She pouts, whining to her adoptive father.]

I-I'm really sorry, Daddy. I think I'll need to learn how to use this body correctly before I start training again...
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Ah... yeah. That's okay Princess. [Pats Daisy's head, feeling a little foolish for patting the Spartan on the head, but he reminds himself it's just Keimi, so it's fine.]

All right, Keimi needs ocean water, from what I remember about mermaids. Too long from the ocean can be painful, otherwise I've been training her for awhile so I can continue that to show you how to get used to it. For Keimi in your body... [Sighs.] I would suggest you practice walking Princess. I know it'll be hard, but the more you get the hang of it, the easier it'll be.

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[Action / Seventh Heaven]

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Ah, Keimi! Just the girl I was looking for. [Brings her a green tea, and nods to the woman he thinks is Daisy.] What'll you have, Daisy? [AW look at you two. He has shipper feels already. Which is a nice change of pace from Ace leaving.]

Rin and I were just trying to think of more vegetarian recipes that don't have fish. If I remember right, most of the merfolk are vegetarian, right? Does that apply to you or no?
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[Action / Seventh Heaven]

[personal profile] nascidanosargasso 2013-02-25 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
... I'd be grateful to know of more vegetarian recipes, sir. I can't eat meat.

[She holds the tea.]
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H-hi, Marco-chin. Um... I'd like to have a cup too, if that's okay?
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[personal profile] fierybluebird 2013-02-25 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
Keimi, just call me Marco, seriously.

And err... right... I was gonna make sure to run them by you, but all right.

And a green tea for Daisy too. [Looks back and forth, and shakes his head.] I'll be right back with the recipes for your perusal and the tea, okay?

[He's missing something but he's not sure what yet.]
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Thank you, Marco. We'll be around the village to get used to things.

[And for her part, Daisy assumes Marco may already know.]
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Thanks a lot, Marco-chin.

[She looks over at Daisy as Marco leaves to make more tea.]

What... kind of things should I be trying to eat, anyway?

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[action] near/at the library

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[Ami's taken advantage of the days she's had to read the guidebook as well as her own past journal entries. So she knows, now, why Daisy and Keiimi are her acquaintances, even friends. Besides, Daisy had even helped her while she was confused.

So when she spots the two, she may still be ignorant of their predicament, but good manners win out.]

Good morning. [She offers the pair a pleasant smile.] Were you coming here for research, too?
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[personal profile] nascidanosargasso 2013-03-01 06:26 am (UTC)(link)
Yes... Ami. [She tried to think which of the two to use this time.] We looked for books on mermaid anatomy and vegetarian cookbooks.


Ah, right.]

How much have you been explained about Luceti so far?
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[personal profile] mjolmaid 2013-03-02 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh! Um... h-hi Ami-chin.

You're looking... younger!