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[In the morning, you might be out for a walk when you find Daisy and Keimi together. Of note, -together-, and with different clothes than usual. In place of her uniform, the 6'9'' girl has a lace crop top covering her. She is also wearing black bell jeans with Keimi's boutique logo weaved in red, and miraculously enough, no boots: She is wearing actual shoes.

You'll find them either walking together, Daisy wheeling her friend around a little too close to her; or sitting together in a bench. Well, not together. Keimi sitting on her lap, actually, arms wrapped around eachother.]


[It's hard to find clothes when you're not part of the human standard. Architectural designs and fashion firms are guilty of it, but it's not deterring a 6'9'' girl nor the comely mermaid in a wheelchair. While the bigger one does not seem to have much of a clue about fashion, the smaller one is pleased to correct her, and show her dresses that could fit her, along promises to make something similar.

The taller girl turns her head up, immediately hugging Keimi as she hears another presence... Does she get to spot you?

Did you know, did you know? They wonder, did you know about this?]


[In any case, one of the places you'd expect to find the Spartan in is the Battle Dome, and you would be correct. However, what may surprise you is the scenario.

If you look through the glass, you'd reasonably wonder how could somebody train in a land full of gigantic candies and sweets. While the Chief Petty Officer has the mermaid down in a pin, her face's drunken expression puts in doubt who is actually winning given its' comfortable location.

Were you going to enter? Troll? Watch?]

((OOC: Joint post between Daisy and Keimi. Posting order is You --> Daisy --> Keimi, though exceptions can be made.))
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In which Daisy-023 awakes in the middle of the night, reminiscing about the previous days. )

[Daisy was not going to sleep much tonight. She leaves a few brief text messages, expecting them to be attended in the morning. First thing, letting people know she had survived this month.]

S-23 here. I'm ok.


What is the tech level you guys can work with?


Is there a way to get over bad memories?

[The nutcase that loves combat and whose relative sanity depends on it, also has recurring nightmares of the moment she died. Especially so with her brush against Mu-12.]


[She hadn't seen much of Robert lately. Helios had mentioned he was still alive, but...]

Are you alright?

[Finally, there is one last message she wants to make. The Chief had heard there had been a lot of casualties with the battle against Mu... And she hadn't heard of either Valvalis, or Kirimi. It is the only message with voice.]


Mind if I come over?


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