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[Once again, SPARTAN-023 walks towards the Battle Dome, trying to see if it had been fixed already. Having been a raining day, yesterday was unbearable for the taller girl in a red jumpsuit, so she tries her luck again... But she stops on her tracks. She could hear something near the village. Her keen ears were able to hear familiar things from the woods.

The Chief Petty Officer walks towards these voices, and presses the voice function of her journal.

She removes the safety lock of her pistol.]


[There is the low rustling of leaves, sign of someone moving stealthily... and whispers in a language that the wings translate into one deep military voice, and three high-pitched ones.

A lone alien voice yells in panic upon seeing the woman.]


[There are more alien screams of alert upon hearing the growl of the Spartan, before rapid gunshots mute one of the high-pitched voices, making the rest of the voices panic and shoot. The deep voice roars devout threats before it is interrupted by the sound of a broken body, followed by alien gunshots that mute the remaining voices.]

This is SPARTAN-023. I need a sitrep. Now.

((OOC: Set the moment the simulated drones begin to show up, at 12:00pm. Even if in this post Daisy is concerned over the Covenant, you can bring in your own monsters and items! :D))
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[As soon as SPARTAN-023 is allowed out of bed rest, she suits herself up in her MJOLNIR Mark IV armor, a seven-feet tall behemoth of metal and red with a golden faceplate. Once again inside of what she thought of as her second skin (Even with her white wings stuffed beneath the gel layer), she returns to the Battle Dome.

Not to rest, of course. She wanted to test the facility.

The Chief Petty Officer, upon arrival into one of the chambers, doesn't just load enemies and shoot away, but chooses to fiddle around with the options, inspecting every alternative, every selection, and every way to insert data. While her senses had been reduced while in Luceti, she was patient enough to spend nearly an hour to analyze the programs, and even discover a way to make the damage real: An option she ignored, both for the strength of Covenant weaponry, and because she cherished her armor too much to damage it in a mere training session.

After all, Shirou and Rin were gone.

Once satisfied, she sets the gravity to 1.08G -Reach's-, inputs information about her weapons, materializes a forest environment -Luceti's-, and inserts a new entry on the databases that, if her intel on the previous draft was correct, was similar in power and tactics to the foot soldiers of the Third Party Cult.

SPARTAN-023 prepares herself. From beyond the woods, abominations with hind legs, four jaws, and ornate armor, spawn with their alien weapons, sometimes even blades of energy. All of them calling out for the blood of the Spartan.

She begins.]


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