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Daisy's eyes continued to stare where Keimi's head used to rest as she woke up. )


Too punctually, she returns to the self-appointed time to sleep... and the noises of violence become heard in the fifth community housing. )

[Daisy’s irises widen back to normal when it all ends. It takes her a while to pace her breathing as her heart even took longer to do the same as it hammered her chest. She looks at the disaster the fight brought over along with the tracks that were left behind by the droids before picking their pieces and running, then at her own injuries. Blunt body trauma, strained tendons, blood on her forehead... but she was otherwise alright.

She grabs her helmet for a brief transmission for those that would use radio, communicating a need for assistance, keeping an even voice. Then, she tried taming her hand to write on the journal.]


Requesting Medevac

CH5, Floor 1, Room 2
Journal, Radio Freq. 84.2 preferred, SPARTAN-23
# Patients - 1C - Priority
1A - No special equipment needed
1B - No litter needed
P - Possible hostile presence
E - Broken door
A - UNSC personnel
All clear of NBC contamination
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Spending time shooting things in the Battle Dome )

[She barely moves her body as she takes a drink from her canteen with chocolate. The girl followed by extending an arm to open her journal laying by the side of a notebook replete with calculations of wind, gravity, moisture, distance, and firepower. She speaks peacefully as she takes aim again.]

This is SPARTAN-023, of the Blue Rogues.

I am offering lessons in marksmanship, serving as a spotter or a shooter for short distances. Even if it's only for a hundred meters, it could also come in handy someday, even more if you're into hunting. Other lessons for self-defense apply, such as Close Quarters Battle.

[She keeps her notebook open, and returns her eye to the scope. This was more of a request for company. After all... she was still honoring Adell's last order.

Even if, she reminds herself, they could all still leave before she does.]


[After the visit of the Malnosso, Daisy spent longer than usual in the tea shop as she revised her notes, thinking of the repercussions of several acts. Without Adell or Leonhardt, any intel she could gather would have to be given to Law, Robert, and the rest of her friends that remained. The duties of doing critical missions and protecting the residents, as always, laid on her hands.

In her time working, she falls asleep over one of the tables.

Her back felt heavier. It was thoracic pain, now. However, what could have been a massive cold of last time is instead replaced by something big enough to cover her, as if it was either two thick bedsheets, or the wings of a legendary roc. Beside the odd feeling, she felt her wings... bigger... and heavier.

The Spartan blinks. She sees a long line of green-white primary wings over the table. She stands still for a moment, barely twitching her body to slowly reach for her pistol.

The wing twitches. Her massive wing.

A seven feet tall girls gasps herself awake as a pair of colossal wings with a tint of jade extend behind her with a strong whirlwind blowing away chairs and tables.

After getting time to mull it over, Daisy is finally able to listen to the other presence... Kipinn.

His voice felt like that of Valvalis. She felt a surge of nostalgia of the times she would visit her in her house, have tea with Neliel, and play with Kirimi. Having been her personal apprentice, and staying in touch with Kipinn for a long time after she left, suddenly it's of no surprise that the spirit would end up choosing her. Upon looking at a glass on one of the shops, Daisy realizes that her long hair and her spread wings made her look like an actual angel, instead of the cultists.

She felt just like Valvalis. Her power over the winds. The things she had dreamed of.

Daisy does the first thing she had always wanted to do if she ever got Valvalis' powers. She flies.]

((OOC: Anytime during the second part of this is alright, and Daisy will be possessed by Kipinn for this event.))
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[Rec Center and Outskirts]

[Daisy doesn't feel bedsheets covering her. She feels a softness akin to her bed and pillows, but her hair doesn't feel nearly as much pull, feeling much like the way she used to keep it prior to Luceti.

She realizes she is no longer in her bed. Whatever is below her feels too hard to her--


What the hellhappened!?

Daisy opens her eyes. She moves what should have been her legs, instead moving a single pink fish tail in a single motion, and looks up to see her own chest and sleeping expression in front of her.

She bolts back, breathing heavily -too shortly-, noticing only barely that they were atop the pool table. She feels small. Too small. She tries to not watch the tail below her as she began to wake up. They had taken them in the middle of the night, they injected them with something just when she knew something was wrong. She remembered glimpses and images...

No. Not now. She focuses on the greater danger. Keimi was in front of her. She focuses on the point below her navel to calm herself.]


[She mutters. Softly, taking whatever distance she can from her.]

[Around Luceti]

[After an hour, Keimi and Daisy return to the outside, with different expressions, Keimi holding herself with the solidness of movements of the military. Their movements are also clumsier. While the mermaid struggles with her chest and tail, along with strength she doesn't have, the Spartan's balance is thrown off... as well as her strength.

“Keimi” makes more exercise than usual, as they direct eachother on routines and diets necessary for their bodies. They wander around the Battle Dome, Seventh Heaven, and the Library, seeking for ways to adapt to their bodies.]

((OOC: Keimi's alternate account is [personal profile] mjolmaid and Daisy's is [personal profile] nascidanosargasso. Order is You -> Daisy -> Keimi, but you can ask for only one of them if you wish.))
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This is SPARTAN-023.

I am reporting that in January 30th of the Sixth Cycle of Luceti, Captain Adell of the Blue Rogues has returned to his world to continue his duties.


Because of it, by his orders established in the case he left, I have been assigned to command the unit until it's original founder, Captain Vyse, returns to Luceti and officially retakes his position as leader of the Blue Rogues.

Additionally, he has asked for someone to keep the Hakurei Shrine in his absence, a project me and the Captain built for mutual friends of ours. Faith is of no matter.

That is all.

[She stops, not sure with what to sign this with. By the UNSC, she was still a Chief Petty Officer, and only if someone on the UNSC chose to do so she would be promoted.

Strangely, now it's the time when she wonders if rank matters at all in here.]

Daisy SPARTAN-023


[After leaving the message, she remains in her room staring at the note addressed not only to her, but the note addressed to Reimu along with the bottles of Gensokyo and RosenQueen sake Adell trusted her with if he ever left. His final order was basic, and a Spartan, it was curious how much did it make her think. She spends a long time staring at the note he left for her.

"Live. For yourself, for the people you love, and for a better world. Just live."

After several minutes, she grabs the bottles and the notes, and locks them in the same place she kept the more important possessions. She sets the picture of Adell with his old family in House 44 beside Daisy's own. Beside Valvalis, Neliel, Kirimi, and Keimi.


This time, she doesn't overdo her exercises and meditations. She dresses in the same winter garbs she wore a year ago, and wanders around the Restaurant, the Tea shop, the Item shop and even the Hot Springs.

If you're a friend of hers? chances are you will receive a message requesting for some time together.


Before the day is over, she returns to her Garden over the roof of the Fifth Community Housing to continue her personal project. Winter will end soon, and spring will allow even more flowers to bloom in the aftermath of the harsh environment. There were so many kinds she wanted to plant.

As she called for the help of Faeren and Sona when taking care of the flowers, she couldn't wait until it was the time to plant orchids.]
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[Someone in full armor is at the village, going through the crowds with an ease she remains grateful for. Even though this situation is fortunately less hectic than the one with Kin'Corras, it still puzzles her to see as many.]

What is going on?

[But, it is still an opportunity. Standing taller than a lot of people, she tries seeking for anything that could be familiar -- old friends, faces, whatever.]
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Introspection )


Valvalis is back home.

[It's a simple message. She doesn't cry. Out of some miracle more than a year ago, she didn't cry when she had that life ripped away from her.

Time ago, she would have worn her armor, and made a pilgrimage to the mountains alone to think about her life. She even would have rejected Keimi's pleas not to do it. Anything to think about herself. On what made her different, and perhaps defective, from the rest of the Spartans.

Whenever if to want for her family had been actually worth it.

She was different now. Instead, the Spartan does the same all others did back home, on the aftermath of the surgeries, and on the day Samuel died: She continues her life, swears to protect what remains of her group and of Keimi, and tries to go on for their memory.]


[To be expected, she spends an hour longer than usual in the Battle Dome, inside of a holographic copy of the MJOLNIR, mowing down alien enemies with an outward serenity. Almost as if she was doing target practice in the middle of a broken urban environment.

It's how all Spartans used to cope back home, by returning to duty. And there is no draft or mission that needs her.]


[The moment she begins her lone meditation, she spends even longer below the cherry tree, sitting in a lotus pose for over an hour, immobile, unaware of the world around her.

Around her, the winds form a soft whirlwind around her, almost to caress her long blond hair.]
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[In the morning, you might be out for a walk when you find Daisy and Keimi together. Of note, -together-, and with different clothes than usual. In place of her uniform, the 6'9'' girl has a lace crop top covering her. She is also wearing black bell jeans with Keimi's boutique logo weaved in red, and miraculously enough, no boots: She is wearing actual shoes.

You'll find them either walking together, Daisy wheeling her friend around a little too close to her; or sitting together in a bench. Well, not together. Keimi sitting on her lap, actually, arms wrapped around eachother.]


[It's hard to find clothes when you're not part of the human standard. Architectural designs and fashion firms are guilty of it, but it's not deterring a 6'9'' girl nor the comely mermaid in a wheelchair. While the bigger one does not seem to have much of a clue about fashion, the smaller one is pleased to correct her, and show her dresses that could fit her, along promises to make something similar.

The taller girl turns her head up, immediately hugging Keimi as she hears another presence... Does she get to spot you?

Did you know, did you know? They wonder, did you know about this?]


[In any case, one of the places you'd expect to find the Spartan in is the Battle Dome, and you would be correct. However, what may surprise you is the scenario.

If you look through the glass, you'd reasonably wonder how could somebody train in a land full of gigantic candies and sweets. While the Chief Petty Officer has the mermaid down in a pin, her face's drunken expression puts in doubt who is actually winning given its' comfortable location.

Were you going to enter? Troll? Watch?]

((OOC: Joint post between Daisy and Keimi. Posting order is You --> Daisy --> Keimi, though exceptions can be made.))
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[Just as the Chief Petty Officer is finished writing the report, there is the sound of armor moving around the room, along with the clicking of metallic rounds being inserted into cartridges.]

This is Daisy SPARTAN-023... I wish I had made this article before. I'm going to need a quick favor – If anyone in here has a Sniper Rifle, I'd like to borrow it -moreso if it has a suppressor. I'll need watch over movements and taking out a few important cultists before I go into the fray.

I got experience from Harvest and several other cities in Urban Ops, and I was the best in my unit in that scenario. [CQB as a balance in everything in close quarters – Frederic is the undisputed king of melee.] I'm going to need to lay a few tips in this one as well.

Situational awareness is important in here. Lightning-fast reactions whenever you fight inside will be prioritary. Sometimes one can get too confident, and next thing that could happen is finding an IED on the street, a sniper on a window... Or in this case, a shifter hidden just beside a door.

[Or a Covenant Drone behind her.]

Urban combat consumes time, so take these tips as a worst-case scenario handbook. The cultists will want to reach the village and take the fight there. Out task will be to forbid them that.

We're going to need the support of the people from that other enclosure. Nobody likes the Malnosso, but even if you're all powerhouses, you won't be able to be in two places at a time, and even they will need to defend themselves. We'll still have to be watchful and cooperate with the locals even if it's a heavyweight fight.


Just for the record, this manual doesn't even begin to cover the real thing, and this is only meant to cover some of the people coming on our mission, so I can give specific tips if needed. Urban combat is something that takes a lot of training and experience to be able to fight in. Even more powerful units have a lot of places to be taken by surprise – It's why it's always been frowned upon in Earth's history to taking fights inside of cities.

[One case in which they wanted a fight in a city was Stalingrad.]

Our advantage is that they rely too much on attrition warfare on a place they cannot afford it – we have few but strong units. We use maneuver warfare, we beat them by the dozens, we win.

Good luck, you guys. SPARTAN-023, out.



Keimi... I'm really sorry.


But I need to go. I'll be needed there.
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Introspection )


[Her voice is low. While controlled and professional, those that know her will know she is shivering right now. Such happens when you're from a desert and are then tossed to a winter with a cold snap.]

This is SPARTAN-023.

To those involved in the Desert Op: You all did a great job out there. I'm glad to have served with you all. Shame we arrived at a bad time.

I don't hold rank anymore, but you'll probably need to acclimatize yourselves yet again. Don't get a cold. And Spring's really close, now.

Stay warm, all of you. Daisy, out.


[One of the bubbles of the Battle Dome is active with the highest limiters possible – trying to emulate the Caves as much as possible. The area in question is an imitation of the Training site of the Third Party Cult in the jungles: Vegetation as far as the eye could reach, sunlight completely blocked by the trees, and cultists wandering everywhere; but the greatest changes from the scenario are the higher instances of Shifters, and much greater cultist senses than usual.

Most bizarrely, whoever's using it does not seem to be inside the simulation. For minutes, nothing seems to show up. But amidst the many cultists patrolling the area, one of them stays divided from his group.

A massive figure in black breaks the angel's stance as it covers his mouth and thrusts a short sword into his chest to drag him into the dark.

Both are gone. There is silence. Nothing moves for minutes.

However, perceptive ones will get to see where the figure in black is: moving below the dark of the leaves, deftly evading leaves, water, and branches in her every step. Stalking in complete silence. Hunting cultists.

Those that know it will recognize the 6'9'' figure in black, sky eyes and golden bangs peeking from behind a silver visor.]
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This is Daisy SPARTAN-023. All units picked for the Desert Op, sound off with your roles. ... I was picked as Field Guide.

[A leadership position. It's been so long.]

Those of you that have knowledge on desertic environments or general survival methodology, now's a good time to share it. Some of you must have more knowledge on this sort of environment than the average fighter, so while this guide may be moot in some way, use this as a way to reinforce old knowledge, and have an idea on what to do when we're out there.

Desert theaters... Are something I'm familiar with. [She has seen too many worlds burned to dust, ash, and glass.] It's a difficult environment, but not impossible.


In this transmission is another field manual of the library that deals with desert environments. This one's even more outdated than the one given to UNSC Personnel, but it works for what we have.

Good luck, you guys. I'll be up for the days responding to this and preparing. We'll keep in touch. SPARTAN-023, out.



[And as noted in her post, she'll be around the village gathering the gear that won't be supplied to her. Perhaps you have something she may need, or simply may want a few words with her prior to the mission.

She's currently wearing clothes for the desert in case her request for a Helljumper suit is rejected, and chances are you'll find her in a bench, with those clothes, struggling to tie down her long hair. This giant girl needs someone to help her turn it into a braid.]
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This is new.

[While she spends part of the day(s) unarmored, the masses of new feathers making Luceti even smaller for her than it already is makes her opt to suit up. See, unarmored, you'd have an almost seven feet tall girl struggling to move around the plaza, while the red MJOLNIR Mark IV would help provide distance. And some defense.

Armored or unarmored, you may find her around Luceti. Still, in either case, she's going to be holding on to her MA5B Rifle.]
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Introspection )

[Strangely, Daisy will not be found at the Gym, nor at the Battle Dome, nor the places she frequents to keep herself and her armor sharp. For the whole of the day, Daisy walks around the forests in silence, silently tracing her steps where she first arrived -running from cover to cover, with her senses being as tense as strings back then-, all the way to the outside of Jordan and Litchi's house -Kazama's now, she corrects herself-, and to the coffee shop where Charlotte invited her for a warm drink.

She remembers being baffled to think that people would want to eat and drink with a Spartan. Now, she also realizes only one of the people that first saw her when she arrived is still here. Riku.

The rest is gone. Charlotte. Green Lantern. David Jordan. Shirou.

She was a malnourished and scarred weapon little better than an attack dog, hiding her fear into a drive to kill when she first arrived in that sundress. Now, she is a woman clad in red winter clothes fit to her shape and a golden scarf, and her hair had been allowed to grow long enough to reach her hips – Something Daisy blames both the fairy tale shift and Valvalis for.

When her team ran away from CASTLE Base, she once wondered if her parents would even recognize her after everything that was done to them. She is still over two meters tall, she still depends on her armor, she continues to crave for any sort of military to give her a sense of normalcy, and for the battlefield to give a sense of thrill she had only just found in other places thanks to friends of hers... And she still carries that tiny bear she had held on to for so many years.

But now she wonders if other Spartans would recognize her.]

((OOC: Those that look for Daisy will most likely find her in the forest, walking; she may be found in front of a fire made from dead branches she collected, staring at it and meditating to channel Eferin; or even on an attempt to make a snowman. Generally, she's going through her steps when she first arrived in Luceti, quite pensive.))
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[Daisy sounds emotionally well in this transmission... Perhaps too calm for someone going into battle.]

This is Chief Petty Officer Daisy SPARTAN-023.

All of you must have read the reports about the draft by now. I'll try to give a few pointers for this battle, so suggestions, corrections, and additions to this file are welcome. I'll be on the offensive, and help with the explosives that could be lying around the mines. So April was right with that one.

My unit has fought in a few underground ops, and can say it's a little like fighting inside bunkers. There'll be tight quarters, so there'll be a lot of close range combat. The faster you end fights, and the more domain you hold over the more open territories, the less they'll be able to move around.


As always, be cautious and use common sense. This place will heavily limit the cultists' ability to fight, but don't get careless. Above all, survival is more important than any other objective. We have good odds now, so use them.

SPARTAN-023, out.


[Those looking for SPARTAN-023 will find her making preparations for the battle... with the same calm as if she was going for a road trip.]


I could use lessons with a short sword.
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[The feed reveals... Hair. A lot of it. There seems to be an apartment beneath it, too. A certain Daisy is the source, with the most exasperated expression ever.]

I need assistance.

[Once the feed shuts down, Daisy wonders how easy would it be to find her combat knife and some scissors.]
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[SPARTAN-023 is concerned about these leaves. She makes a few filter tests to check on friends of hers, an easy way to make a roll call: Adell, the rest of the Rogues, Valvalis, Kirimi, Nel, Lina, Jordan, Litchi--

Lina's filter breaks.


Daisy hesitates for a few seconds. After a minute, she grabs her journal.]


Lina Inverse has gone home.

[Spoken unemotionally. Bad news she has been too used to deliver.

It doesn't hurt the Spartan as much. She is back where she should be. Even if she would probably forget about her. About this place.

It still feels as if she has lost a person under her care.]


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