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Information Post | Melodies of Life

Name: Daisy SPARTAN-023
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 6'9" (206 cm)
Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg)
Canon: Halo
Canon Point: Post-death and post-Luceti
Link to Application: Application

Moogle Name: Kuma
Moogle Gender: Male

Jobs: Warrior, Magitek Knight



Initial: Power Break, Magic Break - Physical attack (lowers an enemy physical or magical power).
1st Month: Armor Break, Mental Break - Physical attack (lowers an enemy physical or magical defense.
2nd Month: Flame Tongue - Elemental physical attack (fire).
3rd Month: Liquid Steel - Elemental physical attack (water).
4th Month: Ice Brand - Elemental physical attack (ice).
6th Month: Thunder Blade - Elemental physical attack (electricity).
9th Month: Assault - Casts Shell, Protect and Berserk on self, but loses control (ten minutes).
12th Month: Excalibur - Most powerful non-elemental physical attack.

Magitek Knight

Initial: Magic Bullet - Shoots elemental bullets (fire, water, ice, thunder).
1st Month: Runic - Absorbs the next magical attack and moderately heals thanks to it.
3rd Month: Stasis Sword - Channels energy through the gunblade to inflict damages (all enemies).
6th Month: Firewall - Automatically casts fire spells to enemies when attacked.
9th Month: Electrostatic - Casts powerful lightning attacks on all enemies.
12th Month: Judgment - Inflicts extreme non-elemental damages to all enemies.

Limit Break: Sargasso's Fury - During the five minutes in which she is under this, a storm will form around her, summoning strong winds, rain, and thunder, that will make most attacks difficult, but heighten her own, making it difficult for her enemies and allies alike to see and move with the storms around her.

Her perception of time will turn into a hypercognizant state, which Spartans in their world enter to in times of stress (their own version of bullet time, aptly called "Spartan time" by Kelly-087 in the books), and her physical abilities become outright superhuman, going above those of SPARTAN-II in Mark VI armor, perhaps closer to a Forerunner Warrior-Servant in Combat Skin.

Link to HMD: Constructive Criticism Post
Link to Permission List: Permissions List, currently outdated by years.