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This is new.

[While she spends part of the day(s) unarmored, the masses of new feathers making Luceti even smaller for her than it already is makes her opt to suit up. See, unarmored, you'd have an almost seven feet tall girl struggling to move around the plaza, while the red MJOLNIR Mark IV would help provide distance. And some defense.

Armored or unarmored, you may find her around Luceti. Still, in either case, she's going to be holding on to her MA5B Rifle.]
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[While you are unarmored you're licked by a wild Terezi!]

Hi! I'm lost, can you help me?
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[Will you really shoot a blind little girl??

Don't worry she just had jumped to get a lick at Daisy's face. But hey it helps her in a way to "see" the woman a bit.]

Ok I'll remember to do it again soon, hehehe!

[Very unphased by dangerous weaponry being pointed at her...because she can't see it.]

You need to learn how to relax, though!
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Oh really? I think I know someone like you then!

[You're really fun to be around then, Daisy!]

Because I really like you, that's why!
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She does, but she's gotten used to it.

[Widest grin you've ever seen.]

Since we're here and everything, and I know you've got a strong sense of doing what's right...I want to ask what do you think justice is?
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[Seers are amazing!!

But at the answer, she's personally relieved.]

...Great! So I'm not the only one who thinks so. Or that thinks that it's important.

[This time she smiles.]

I like talking to you. I feel we're a lot alike. I know we've just "met" but I just wanted to let you know that.

Anyway, I'm Terezi Pyrope, hehehe! You'll remember that name sooner or later.

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I don't mind either way! Actually, I think it's kind of cute.

Like if I called you Lady Daisy!


But yeah, just finding someone you know that's friendly makes things easier. No matter where you are!

How about you show me around a little?
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This is Peppy. All systems go.
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Never give up! Trust your instincts!
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[There's a boy sitting down on a bench nearby, holding a Browning Hi-Power handgun in one hand and has a LAR Grizzly handgun on his lap. But he doesn't seem to be a danger for it, as he is just lazily circling the pistol in his hand towards the sky (rather like this).

His response to her comment of it being new?]

[...It probably makes sense somewhere in his mind, but he's not noted for having useful phrases amongst his broken English.]
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[Okay, fine, he'll set down the gun so that he can point at her with fingers rather than pistols.]

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[He stands, putting the guns back in his uniform coat. Presumably he's got some kind of inner pockets for them.

And now that he's standing stop JIVE TIME. He dances on the spot for a second, spins, and points at her. Up at her.]

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[... So, Daisy, you know that whole problem you have with xenomorphs?

Here is a rather awkward-looking one - blue, maybe a good five feet tall from the tips of his tentacles to the top of his eyestalks, and blinking around with the big main eye in the centre of his round face.

He keeps almost shuffling on the mass of tentacles below him, looking for all the world like he's expecting to find something and hasn't.]

... Niiue? Colonel Saturn? Larice? Zarbol...?



[And that's probably when he finds Daisy.]

... Um... hi.
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I wish. D: He's basically unappable. Also 1/2~

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[A robot raising a gun in his direction.

It's reflexive - his tentacles come up, but only for a moment; the anger snaps in his three eyes, and they glow with psychic power, but he arrests it a minute later.]
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[... And he deflates.]

... Alinivar.

Doesn't look like anybody here knows anything about Mooks. I didn't think so, though; the Mooks in Giegue's war always talked about having to hide.

[His gaze slides away from Daisy's, all three eyes swivelling away.]

... Sorry. Thought you were a Starman for a moment.