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[Daisy's eyes continued to stare where Keimi's head used to rest as she woke up.

Her room had been left alone three weeks ago. She didn’t know why she kept resting in the same position as if Keimi had remained in Luceti. It was the same smidge of hope she kept that she would return with her memories, even if day and day she tried writing a filter for Keimi that always failed. She just did the same mechanical motions to stand up, bathe, dress, and eat before going to work

She didn’t lock herself up, she didn’t cry, she didn’t lose her discipline the slightest, or forsake her duties. Instead, she became what Spartans did in times of extreme stress. What she reverted to at many times during Harvest. How John coped with everything he had ever seen and done.

She just functioned.

SPARTAN-023 continued her project on what they found underground, she continued to help those that would request help, she would continue her exercises and training sessions, and she would continue to meditate. But there was a reason in all of it. The second she fell into the temptation to skip one day from her tasks, even like this, she would be falling into a deeper hole. Social tasks took a secondary priority.

Those that might have seen her within those days, after Keimi left, will notice that her eyes had turned glassy -- with a perpetually tired look. In spite of her maintained uniform, she is now attempting to cope. And she is fearing she is failing.]


[Too punctually, she returns to the self-appointed time to sleep. Even this took priority on how to behave. Sleep, she knew, was an important weapon... as hard as it became to do so now.

Daisy sits on her bed. She lets herself watch the other side of her bed once again...

… she hears rushed steps. A group is running here. Heavy.


SPARTAN-023 grabs her broadsword. Her teeth clench. Her pupils dilate as her eyes widen for the first time in months as every part of her drove itself for the kill. She timed the moment they would come--

They break the doors. She moves to slice with far more hatred than she ever had against any alien or any cultist, and almost ignores the pain of their moves trying to subdue her as she screams in anger to use her own hands to rip them apart with far too much instinct.

She tears one apart, she stabs another against the wall to pummel it until only dent and cracked plates remained, the last ones moves to grab its’ broken companions--

The woman only continues to attack viciously and trying to break one of its legs, but even she only gets to remove a forearm when the last droid leaves with everything that could be considered dangerous for the residents to have.

She stares for a long time at the door, still holding on to her sword. Before she knows it, it is over.]

[Daisy’s irises widen back to normal when it all ends. It takes her a while to pace her breathing as her heart even took longer to do the same as it hammered her chest. She looks at the disaster the fight brought over along with the tracks that were left behind by the droids before picking their pieces and running, then at her own injuries. Blunt body trauma, strained tendons, blood on her forehead... but she was otherwise alright.

She grabs her helmet for a brief transmission for those that would use radio, communicating a need for assistance, keeping an even voice. Then, she tried taming her hand to write on the journal.]


Requesting Medevac

CH5, Floor 1, Room 2
Journal, Radio Freq. 84.2 preferred, SPARTAN-23
# Patients - 1C - Priority
1A - No special equipment needed
1B - No litter needed
P - Possible hostile presence
E - Broken door
A - UNSC personnel
All clear of NBC contamination
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[Ami responds with the voice function, the better to establish contact more quickly. She knows, she's been with Daisy, how Daisy's felt since Keimi left, and this-

She doesn't know immediately what happened, but she knows it has to make everything even worse, and she's prepared to act swiftly.]

Daisy. [She keeps her voice calm, too.] Where are you right now? [She guesses home, at this hour of night, but she has no intention of wasting time going somewhere unadvisedly.]
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[Daisy, that brusqueness is not reassuring. Still, Ami understands it, and she doesn't want to make things worse by prying into Daisy's feelings and mental state with the task at hand. She answers shortly in return, slipping into a businesslike mindset.]

I'll be there in just a moment. Wait for me.
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[Ami takes the time to get to Daisy to assess the situation further.]

While I'm on the way, please tell me exactly what happened.
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[That worries her, but Ami has the shrewdness to suspect Daisy is being careful for a reason. The scenario her mind conjures up is that perhaps Daisy's assailant escaped, and Daisy doesn't want to alert them - close enough to the truth, and certainly enough to keep her from pressing for more information yet.]

Understood. Can you let me in when I arrive? You'll be able to hear my voice.
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[Action from here]

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[It might not be much, it might really be nothing, but Ami wants to do what she can. Keep moving forward. That's the one mantra that hasn't let her down over the years.

She doesn't move quickly, or make noise to startle Daisy or alarm her. Instead, she quietly comes nearer.]

Is it alright if I look at your wounds? [The practical first.] I can treat them here if you'd like, or at the Clinic.
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[Saori only bothers with replying as a perfunctory gesture, immediately leaping off the roof of Castle 44 and rushing towards CH5.]

Daisy, I'm coming. Don't worry, I won't be long.

[Gripping the hilt of her sword as she runs, dust flying, she abandons any pretense of dignity. Daisy'd been hurting, she knew. Losing Keimi had definitely hit the big girl hard and after everything Daisy had done for Saori she couldn't help but feel sorry for her.]

What happened?
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[Saori doesn't bother responding after that, not over the journal, she just charges right on in through the shattered door and straight at the super-sized beauty. First things first, she looks up and down the room, and then her friend. Nothing too serious, but the goddesses hands work in the motions of a spell as she calls on Nala. The healing spirit, the only one she'd bothered to contact, reaches out to soothe some of Daisy's aches. Maybe they aren't bad, but it's not right to leave her like that.]

You fought well, my dear friend. You're a formidable opponent.
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[Saori doesn't say a word. She just slips her arms around Daisy, easily enveloping the Spartan as she assumes a her true shape. Easily ten feet tall, she barely fits in the room but it's seemingly what her friend needs. Comfort.

For a long, long time she says nothing and just holds Daisy to her.]

You won't sleep here. You'll stay with me. For as long as you need, my home is your home.
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Then you'll stay with me.

[The 'creature' looks down, eyes shining with silver droplets and gently runs a spined finger through the girl's hair.]

Valvalis took me in when I needed it. And Helios helped me after that. It's only right that I do the same for you. I'll do my best, to help you through this. Because I want to see you smile again. And because you're my friend.

We'll make you a home in our castle. And you can help keep our home safe.

[She nods encouragingly, holding up a giant's palm, careful of her claw-like digits.]



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[ Twilight recognizes who the text is coming from, but it's surprisingly efficient and devoid of details. ]

... Daisy? [ She checks again: Daisy's a short gallop away from where she is, in the library. ] Hold on, okay?
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[ Twilight takes a few supplies and gallops to Daisy as quickly as she can. She's startled to see the state of the doors, and hopes she's not too late. She calls out: ]

Daisy? Are you in there?
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[ Twilight runs up to her. ] Okay. Stay calm, okay? Where does it hurt?

[ She's obviously not exactly calm herself. She's doing her best, really. ]
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[ Twilight is bustling around Daisy to inspect the damage. Daisy's words give her inspiration. ] Nala. Of course!

[ She reaches out and contacts Sona. Water crystallizes from the air and splashes over Daisy's forehead. Meanwhile, Twilight is looking for some spare cloth to help bind Daisy's chest. ] Tell me if this hurts at all.


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