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[Inside one of the bubbles, there is a massive encampment of Covenant forces hidden amidst golden grass below dozens of hills surrounding it, barely morning to even hide the pair of moons from the otherworldly sky. In the middle massive buildings with organic forms and hues of blue and purple, there are several Grunts, creatures barely taller than the majority of the human women of Luceti but numerous; Jackals, whose heads turned with the same motions as birds of prey of Earth; Hunters, few but massive behemoths towering over Spartans with the motions of hundreds of worms working in unison beneath armor meant for starships; and Elites, eight feet tall, but far nimble and far more deadly than the majority of these species.

One of their heads explodes by a too-precise bullet. A long second later does the crack of a sniper rifle follow it.

From atop a hill, in a foliage-clad Ghillie suit to intentionally deny herself of the advantages the MJOLNIR would normally provide, a too-big body for a female human rests over a hill, blue eyes open and in concentration. As she did so, she consulted Kipinn for two things: help in calculating the winds from the field, and for counsel regarding a lot of friends of her.

Daisy did this in a way to honor Lt. Michael Blanc's memory, who would have more than enjoyed a chance to hunt with her. A part of her hoped Adell had been right about getting to see people someday again... and a part of her said he was right. It's odd that right now, after so many of her friends had left and she wondered when would her time come, that she keeps hope that she would see some of them again.


[She barely moves her body as she takes a drink from her canteen with chocolate. The girl followed by extending an arm to open her journal laying by the side of a notebook replete with calculations of wind, gravity, moisture, distance, and firepower. She speaks peacefully as she takes aim again.]

This is SPARTAN-023, of the Blue Rogues.

I am offering lessons in marksmanship, serving as a spotter or a shooter for short distances. Even if it's only for a hundred meters, it could also come in handy someday, even more if you're into hunting. Other lessons for self-defense apply, such as Close Quarters Battle.

[She keeps her notebook open, and returns her eye to the scope. This was more of a request for company. After all... she was still honoring Adell's last order.

Even if, she reminds herself, they could all still leave before she does.]


[After the visit of the Malnosso, Daisy spent longer than usual in the tea shop as she revised her notes, thinking of the repercussions of several acts. Without Adell or Leonhardt, any intel she could gather would have to be given to Law, Robert, and the rest of her friends that remained. The duties of doing critical missions and protecting the residents, as always, laid on her hands.

In her time working, she falls asleep over one of the tables.

Her back felt heavier. It was thoracic pain, now. However, what could have been a massive cold of last time is instead replaced by something big enough to cover her, as if it was either two thick bedsheets, or the wings of a legendary roc. Beside the odd feeling, she felt her wings... bigger... and heavier.

The Spartan blinks. She sees a long line of green-white primary wings over the table. She stands still for a moment, barely twitching her body to slowly reach for her pistol.

The wing twitches. Her massive wing.

A seven feet tall girls gasps herself awake as a pair of colossal wings with a tint of jade extend behind her with a strong whirlwind blowing away chairs and tables.

After getting time to mull it over, Daisy is finally able to listen to the other presence... Kipinn.

His voice felt like that of Valvalis. She felt a surge of nostalgia of the times she would visit her in her house, have tea with Neliel, and play with Kirimi. Having been her personal apprentice, and staying in touch with Kipinn for a long time after she left, suddenly it's of no surprise that the spirit would end up choosing her. Upon looking at a glass on one of the shops, Daisy realizes that her long hair and her spread wings made her look like an actual angel, instead of the cultists.

She felt just like Valvalis. Her power over the winds. The things she had dreamed of.

Daisy does the first thing she had always wanted to do if she ever got Valvalis' powers. She flies.]

((OOC: Anytime during the second part of this is alright, and Daisy will be possessed by Kipinn for this event.))
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5/23 very late!

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[ Twilight winces at the violence, but recognizes the name. ] Daisy? Is that you? You haven't got a tail anymore.
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Not to mention move around, I expect.

I started learning a little from Smoker but I'd be curious to learn some from you, too. It sounds like I might need it if I'm going to stay here for a while.
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Self-defense. To help me if I have to go on another draft.

[ She glances at the rifle again. ] Only... I'd rather stay away from those things, if that's all right.
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Well... yeah, I'm sentient! I guess you're comparing me to the horses in the stables? But you could probably teach them a form of self defense if you really put your mind to it. Not that I know how - you'd have to do a lot of research. Or maybe ask Fluttershy.

... Anyway, thanks. I appreciate it.
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[ Twilight shrugs. ] Maybe somewhere outside? The Battledome gets a little stuffy if I go there too often.
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[ Twilight's fairly close by the fountain, so she got there a little early, and is sitting reading a book when Daisy arrives. She rises to meet her. ]

Hi! It's good to meet the real Daisy! [ She offers a forehoof. ] Or, I guess you were the real Daisy before, just in a different body. So you're the even-more-real Daisy.
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You can call me Twilight. I sound kind of old when you call me ma'am!

[ Twilight's only about 3 or 4 feet tall, so Daisy's probably leaning down pretty far in order to see her. She hops onto the fountain's rim in order to better equal their heights. ] So, I have experience with taking out enemies with bolts of magic, but that's no good when they get too close.

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[Huge girl, huge hair, huge wings and if she dresses like Valvalis something else is to be considered -- it's all very attention grabbing. Not that his own possession by Tsinku and newly big (differently colored) wings aren't a thing either. He actually sees her in mid-air when he's hanging out on a roof. Maybe he should fly up there]
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Heyo, Daisy-chan. That's quite the look.

[With a little smile, waving with one hand and the other one on his hip]
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[He needs to think a moment to place "Valvalis" and even then he's not sure he placed it correctly. Even so, he just tilts his head at that, considering a moment before he nods]

It does feel like a connection, that's for sure.
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Yeah, that'd be the logical conclusion. The god - or should I say, spirit - of lightning clearly shines on the partner of someone who's birthright is that element. [Even if I've robbed her of that right with how I've trained her. He can't help but feel that bitter thought come into his head, and his eyes do dart down briefly, a crackle of electricity running around his fingers to boot]
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You know, you'll have to tell me about that world. [With a little smile in spite of himself.]

It's interesting though, to say the least. I'm not sure I'm sensing as much as feeling it, though.
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Just a little bit, anyway. There's a current running through this town.

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