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[In the morning, you might be out for a walk when you find Daisy and Keimi together. Of note, -together-, and with different clothes than usual. In place of her uniform, the 6'9'' girl has a lace crop top covering her. She is also wearing black bell jeans with Keimi's boutique logo weaved in red, and miraculously enough, no boots: She is wearing actual shoes.

You'll find them either walking together, Daisy wheeling her friend around a little too close to her; or sitting together in a bench. Well, not together. Keimi sitting on her lap, actually, arms wrapped around eachother.]


[It's hard to find clothes when you're not part of the human standard. Architectural designs and fashion firms are guilty of it, but it's not deterring a 6'9'' girl nor the comely mermaid in a wheelchair. While the bigger one does not seem to have much of a clue about fashion, the smaller one is pleased to correct her, and show her dresses that could fit her, along promises to make something similar.

The taller girl turns her head up, immediately hugging Keimi as she hears another presence... Does she get to spot you?

Did you know, did you know? They wonder, did you know about this?]


[In any case, one of the places you'd expect to find the Spartan in is the Battle Dome, and you would be correct. However, what may surprise you is the scenario.

If you look through the glass, you'd reasonably wonder how could somebody train in a land full of gigantic candies and sweets. While the Chief Petty Officer has the mermaid down in a pin, her face's drunken expression puts in doubt who is actually winning given its' comfortable location.

Were you going to enter? Troll? Watch?]

((OOC: Joint post between Daisy and Keimi. Posting order is You --> Daisy --> Keimi, though exceptions can be made.))
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[Don has managed to convey to Robert that he would like the scientist to accompany him on a morning walk around the village, and that is what the two of them are doing now. When Don spots their friends romantically entwined on a bench, he points this out to his own partner. Maybe they should go say hello?]
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[Unfortunately for everybody concerned, Robert is not really a master of decorum, and he's the one who has to do most of the talking.

He approaches the bench with a small, nervous smile (it has been awhile since he's been comfortable being outside, between the recent event and some other goings-on) and a simple greeting.]

... Hello, Ms. Daisy and Ms. Keimi...

[... And then after a moment, because he had to remind himself...]

Er... are we perhaps interrupting...?
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[Keimi blushes when her friends approach. It was a rarity, being affectionate with Daisy while out in the village. When the Spartan holds her tighter, she instinctively curls tighter into her arms.]

I think everyone needs a chance to relax right now...
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[Don still struggles with being affectionate towards Robert in public, or even with being open about the fact that he's in a relationship, so he respects Daisy and Keimi's willingness to do this. He'd kind of like to tell them so, in an appropriately subtle way, but he knows he can't. Instead he'll just smile and look unbothered by the cuddling.]
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[Robert's not even aware that this might be unusual (it's one of the things that he's never seen as being odd, of course) and so all he's concerned about is that he hasn't gotten in the way. His countenance brightens a little as a result.]

I must say that... I agree, what with everything that has happened recently... having some respite is pleasant.

[That and the weather is nice enough that sitting outside isn't an issue.]

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Morning \o/

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[On the way to the barracks for his normal routine, Smoker gives them both a wave. And then you know coughs... and gets all tsun. Once he realizes where Keimi's sitting. WELL. Whatever. It's fine. Yup.]

Morning you two.

[Gruff tone despite a slight flush.]
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[She blushes. It never occurred to her that Smoker may stumble across them like this. She absent-mindedly squirms a bit, which may or may not have more pleasurable effects on Daisy's lap.]

G-good morning, Daddy.
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[Oh Keimi... That's so much worse, but he will just... turn a blind eye. You know. Despite whatever red tinge to his cheeks might lead you to think.]

It's Vice Admiral, but just Smoker is fine.

How are you today Princess?
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I'm alright, Daddy. I'm just enjoying some free time with Daisy-chin. It's nice going out and having fun when the village is calm, huh?

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[[This is Val, trolling by watching and not saying a word. It's the perfect troll because she gets to harass Daisy later about it.

But she's not one to go ruining their private time at that.

At the same time, she's making no effort to hide herself as she enters either.]]
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[Keimi squirms playfully against Daisy's chest as she leans up for a soft kiss on her cheek. One arm is gently draped across the Spartan's back, while the other tenderly holds her hand. She's completely silent, save for the occasional pleasured squeak when Daisy does something she likes.]
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[[The Wind Fiend slowly crosses her legs as she sits on nothing but air. She can see just fine from where she is... well, most of things, and just enough, keeping her distance to leave a nice bubble of privacy for the other two girls.

Unfortunately, in watching, she makes a cute, excited little gasp as she hears Keimi squeak as well. Apparently, she's surprised by what Daisy is getting into!

After all, she had to ruin the moment somehow!]]
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[Keimi lets out a soft moan as Daisy moves for her breast. That spot has quickly become one of Keimi's, and apparently Daisy's, favorite pleasure zones. Her hand, shaking from pleasure, gently caresses the taller girl's wings, taking care to note every feather-- she wants to do her best to make Daisy feel good, too.

When the Spartan's legs wrap around her tail, she gasps, startled. Daisy wasn't this rough with her on purpose. Was spending time outside the apartment together making her more bold? As soon as Daisy spoke, however, she realized what was going on. They're caught. She squeaks again, this time out of fear, rather than pleasure, her body instinctively curling into Daisy's chest, eyes shutting tight.]

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[And then at the Dome Haruhi (who was practicing this and that about manipulating properties in one of the other rooms) happens to see them through the viewing area when she went to get a drink, sighed, and entered through their door into candy land. She had this problem a while ago, so it seems fair to-]

You know, anyone can see you through the viewing area.
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[Keimi clings tightly to her lover, her face as red as can be. Why is everyone stumbling on them together like this lately? She slowly waves to Haruhi, a nervous buzz to her voice.]

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Yeah, well, try going to an apartment on the offchance you're going to go further than this. Seriously, it's embarrassing.

[With a scoff she plans to turn and walk away... until she remembers that Keimi is a mermaid. And therefore he lower half is fish. She almost is turned around when she spins back to face them and take several steps towards them\]
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[Keimi blinks. This girl... she's staring at her! Immediately becoming self-conscious, her tail slowly presses up against her chest in a sort of fetal position.]

D-did I do something weird?

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