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[In the morning, you might be out for a walk when you find Daisy and Keimi together. Of note, -together-, and with different clothes than usual. In place of her uniform, the 6'9'' girl has a lace crop top covering her. She is also wearing black bell jeans with Keimi's boutique logo weaved in red, and miraculously enough, no boots: She is wearing actual shoes.

You'll find them either walking together, Daisy wheeling her friend around a little too close to her; or sitting together in a bench. Well, not together. Keimi sitting on her lap, actually, arms wrapped around eachother.]


[It's hard to find clothes when you're not part of the human standard. Architectural designs and fashion firms are guilty of it, but it's not deterring a 6'9'' girl nor the comely mermaid in a wheelchair. While the bigger one does not seem to have much of a clue about fashion, the smaller one is pleased to correct her, and show her dresses that could fit her, along promises to make something similar.

The taller girl turns her head up, immediately hugging Keimi as she hears another presence... Does she get to spot you?

Did you know, did you know? They wonder, did you know about this?]


[In any case, one of the places you'd expect to find the Spartan in is the Battle Dome, and you would be correct. However, what may surprise you is the scenario.

If you look through the glass, you'd reasonably wonder how could somebody train in a land full of gigantic candies and sweets. While the Chief Petty Officer has the mermaid down in a pin, her face's drunken expression puts in doubt who is actually winning given its' comfortable location.

Were you going to enter? Troll? Watch?]

((OOC: Joint post between Daisy and Keimi. Posting order is You --> Daisy --> Keimi, though exceptions can be made.))
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[Just as the Chief Petty Officer is finished writing the report, there is the sound of armor moving around the room, along with the clicking of metallic rounds being inserted into cartridges.]

This is Daisy SPARTAN-023... I wish I had made this article before. I'm going to need a quick favor – If anyone in here has a Sniper Rifle, I'd like to borrow it -moreso if it has a suppressor. I'll need watch over movements and taking out a few important cultists before I go into the fray.

I got experience from Harvest and several other cities in Urban Ops, and I was the best in my unit in that scenario. [CQB as a balance in everything in close quarters – Frederic is the undisputed king of melee.] I'm going to need to lay a few tips in this one as well.

Situational awareness is important in here. Lightning-fast reactions whenever you fight inside will be prioritary. Sometimes one can get too confident, and next thing that could happen is finding an IED on the street, a sniper on a window... Or in this case, a shifter hidden just beside a door.

[Or a Covenant Drone behind her.]

Urban combat consumes time, so take these tips as a worst-case scenario handbook. The cultists will want to reach the village and take the fight there. Out task will be to forbid them that.

We're going to need the support of the people from that other enclosure. Nobody likes the Malnosso, but even if you're all powerhouses, you won't be able to be in two places at a time, and even they will need to defend themselves. We'll still have to be watchful and cooperate with the locals even if it's a heavyweight fight.


Just for the record, this manual doesn't even begin to cover the real thing, and this is only meant to cover some of the people coming on our mission, so I can give specific tips if needed. Urban combat is something that takes a lot of training and experience to be able to fight in. Even more powerful units have a lot of places to be taken by surprise – It's why it's always been frowned upon in Earth's history to taking fights inside of cities.

[One case in which they wanted a fight in a city was Stalingrad.]

Our advantage is that they rely too much on attrition warfare on a place they cannot afford it – we have few but strong units. We use maneuver warfare, we beat them by the dozens, we win.

Good luck, you guys. SPARTAN-023, out.



Keimi... I'm really sorry.


But I need to go. I'll be needed there.
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Introspection )


[Her voice is low. While controlled and professional, those that know her will know she is shivering right now. Such happens when you're from a desert and are then tossed to a winter with a cold snap.]

This is SPARTAN-023.

To those involved in the Desert Op: You all did a great job out there. I'm glad to have served with you all. Shame we arrived at a bad time.

I don't hold rank anymore, but you'll probably need to acclimatize yourselves yet again. Don't get a cold. And Spring's really close, now.

Stay warm, all of you. Daisy, out.


[One of the bubbles of the Battle Dome is active with the highest limiters possible – trying to emulate the Caves as much as possible. The area in question is an imitation of the Training site of the Third Party Cult in the jungles: Vegetation as far as the eye could reach, sunlight completely blocked by the trees, and cultists wandering everywhere; but the greatest changes from the scenario are the higher instances of Shifters, and much greater cultist senses than usual.

Most bizarrely, whoever's using it does not seem to be inside the simulation. For minutes, nothing seems to show up. But amidst the many cultists patrolling the area, one of them stays divided from his group.

A massive figure in black breaks the angel's stance as it covers his mouth and thrusts a short sword into his chest to drag him into the dark.

Both are gone. There is silence. Nothing moves for minutes.

However, perceptive ones will get to see where the figure in black is: moving below the dark of the leaves, deftly evading leaves, water, and branches in her every step. Stalking in complete silence. Hunting cultists.

Those that know it will recognize the 6'9'' figure in black, sky eyes and golden bangs peeking from behind a silver visor.]
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[Daisy sounds emotionally well in this transmission... Perhaps too calm for someone going into battle.]

This is Chief Petty Officer Daisy SPARTAN-023.

All of you must have read the reports about the draft by now. I'll try to give a few pointers for this battle, so suggestions, corrections, and additions to this file are welcome. I'll be on the offensive, and help with the explosives that could be lying around the mines. So April was right with that one.

My unit has fought in a few underground ops, and can say it's a little like fighting inside bunkers. There'll be tight quarters, so there'll be a lot of close range combat. The faster you end fights, and the more domain you hold over the more open territories, the less they'll be able to move around.


As always, be cautious and use common sense. This place will heavily limit the cultists' ability to fight, but don't get careless. Above all, survival is more important than any other objective. We have good odds now, so use them.

SPARTAN-023, out.


[Those looking for SPARTAN-023 will find her making preparations for the battle... with the same calm as if she was going for a road trip.]


I could use lessons with a short sword.
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[The feed reveals... Hair. A lot of it. There seems to be an apartment beneath it, too. A certain Daisy is the source, with the most exasperated expression ever.]

I need assistance.

[Once the feed shuts down, Daisy wonders how easy would it be to find her combat knife and some scissors.]
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[SPARTAN-023 is concerned about these leaves. She makes a few filter tests to check on friends of hers, an easy way to make a roll call: Adell, the rest of the Rogues, Valvalis, Kirimi, Nel, Lina, Jordan, Litchi--

Lina's filter breaks.


Daisy hesitates for a few seconds. After a minute, she grabs her journal.]


Lina Inverse has gone home.

[Spoken unemotionally. Bad news she has been too used to deliver.

It doesn't hurt the Spartan as much. She is back where she should be. Even if she would probably forget about her. About this place.

It still feels as if she has lost a person under her care.]
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[Spartans are beings of their word -a trait they follow from their legendary leader-. So when they make a promise, they follow it. Even if they agreed to a date with a boy infamous over being a flirt with anything remotely passing as feminine.

The Chief Petty Officer herself had accepted the offer because it was one of many things she had felt curiosity about civilian life, but she can't help but wonder how much of her sanity has she lost by now. She had spent too long in a civilian environment.

Perhaps the strangest thing for this day, is that she is not wearing the UNSC Navy drab, her jumpsuit, or even the white suit. Instead, after an improvised mix-and-match session she made with Sheryl, she is wearing a red jacket, a yellow camisole, and a red skirt.

Beside her is Masaomi Kida, over one feet shorter when in comparison to the amazonian woman.]

((OOC: This is a joint post between [livejournal.com profile] sierra_023 and [livejournal.com profile] generalflirt Posting order will be You --> Daisy --> Kida, but exceptions could be made since the mun of Daisy is an idiot.

For the record, Kida is 5'7'', and Daisy is 6'9''. Backdated to sometime in the afternoon, after Kirimi gets out of the closet. :D ))
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In which Daisy-023 awakes in the middle of the night, reminiscing about the previous days. )

[Daisy was not going to sleep much tonight. She leaves a few brief text messages, expecting them to be attended in the morning. First thing, letting people know she had survived this month.]

S-23 here. I'm ok.


What is the tech level you guys can work with?


Is there a way to get over bad memories?

[The nutcase that loves combat and whose relative sanity depends on it, also has recurring nightmares of the moment she died. Especially so with her brush against Mu-12.]


[She hadn't seen much of Robert lately. Helios had mentioned he was still alive, but...]

Are you alright?

[Finally, there is one last message she wants to make. The Chief had heard there had been a lot of casualties with the battle against Mu... And she hadn't heard of either Valvalis, or Kirimi. It is the only message with voice.]


Mind if I come over?
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[There is no hesitation once the voice transmission begins. Her voice is solid, almost commanding.]

This is Chief Petty Officer Daisy SPARTAN-023.

This is a quick guide for anyone entering battle. I apologize if this guide is not as throughout as it should be, but the quicker we get to plan things out, the less casualties we'll have there. I'll be taking a defensive role in this battle, and do what I can to be with those that may be unfamiliar with the environment, or are simply not combatants, but that will not be an excuse for you to be foolish when we get there.

A jungle is an environment that is host threats not only relating to the Third Party, but to fauna, and even the vegetation, where the unexperienced person may have a hard time adapting to. So if you're not familiar with rainforest and jungles, read this.


Above all, use common sense and caution. The jungle is a hostile environment, but it can be used to one's advantage if you know it well. Even against our enemies.

Good luck, everyone. SPARTAN-023, out.

[True to her word, at the end of this transmission is the Army FM-90.5. I'm not putting the link because, while it's obligated reading for anyone into Basic Training -probably qualifying as Free Public Content-, I'm not sure if it would be allowed by LJ TOS... But other than that, you can search it on google, and pretend Daisy put it in here.

UPDATE: Link seems not to violate LJ TOS, so here it is. Have fun, it's a pretty throughout read. Your characters will need that info!]


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This is Spartan TwentyThree.

New feathers. Any and all UNSC forces in the area. Respond.

... I'm back.



[Comm matters taken care of, she goes to House Twenty, having quite remembered the matter of the hat, and it's implications. With two knocks on the front door, the armored figure calls out.]

Mr. Castagnier.

[After that...]

[Later in the day, having gotten the package, the 7ft tall girl in red armor goes to the Clinic, hat in hand, to see if there's equipment there to see if there are hairs in it to analyze for DNA. Yes, for her, that damned hat is that important.]
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[The feed is activated when the journal drops from the hand of the Spartan, revealing an apartment with only the armored figure walking by. She takes off and drops the helmet with an unusual violence, and sits in a wall while staring at the window.

For minutes, she does nothing except looking at the opening, seemingly immobile as the wind coming through it caressed her hair, as if she was as solid as the armor she wore.

She stands up, picks her helmet, and shuts the feed.]


I'll be on the mountains. Don't look for me.

((OOC: It won't be a hiatus (for now), but for a week or perhaps more, Daisy will be exploring the mountains for the time to think and be alone, to remember and ponder about her life*, and to contact Kippin. It's been nearly a week since the event, but for her? It's the last straw on the camel's back, and she needs to walk it off for a while. Even killing aliens wouldn't cheer her up for this.

Of particular note? Superman and Michael... will have somewhat triggering reactions. She doesn't hate them (quite the contrary), but she will because, again, they're part of something she has always wanted to have. THAT MEANS YOU ARE FREE TO ANNOY HER! TALK TO HER! NOW! I WANT TO BREAK HER EVEN MORE!

*Perhaps an excuse to make an IC complete history section? It seemed a bit too cold for me when I was writing it like a report. Something on the style of the Halo: Evolutions tale The Return could be a bit more fitting for a character like her.))
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This is Daisy. Reporting in.

[An annoyed sigh.]

I woke up someplace else, but I'm in good conditions. I'm currently suited up, and performing preparation labors.

Doctor Hastings and Captain Alexei are accounted for. Vivi. If you read this, the Doctor is looking for you. Report ASAP to him. He's worried about you.



Michael? Val? Dad? Are you all alright?


Currently accounting for people yet to wake up from the shift. Awaiting orders.

All plans for the Festival still active?

((OOC: In this AU? Superman is Daisy and Michael's dad, and Val is an ex. Daisy served for a time in the navy and under Captain Alexei's mentorship, was granted a suit of armor in collaboration with Dr. Hastings, and finally returned to her family to Luceti Valley, retaining her rank of Chief Petty Officer.

So, since she was never conscripted for something similar to the SPARTAN-II Project in this AU, she has only her name, but not the "Spartan", "Sierra", nor the "TwentyThree" callsigns.

Most disturbingly? While her Blood Knight traits remain in this AU, she's way saner than her OU version by a long shot, mainly because she had an actual family and an actual life to call her own in this event. This won't end well.))
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[The feed violently turns on with the image of metallic fingers grabbing the journal, but accidentally tossing it to someplace else in the table.

The image reveals the armor of the SPARTAN-II, but the movements are erratic, awkward, and violent; almost as if it had been a person fiddling around with the controls of a robot, but not knowing how to control it, or caring about what would it damage. Finally, it manages to reach the back of its' head when it jolts its' arm at an impossible angle.

Upon clicking two locks behind the helmet, the head and the entire armor falls to the ground while a gust of wind violently comes out of it, tossing sheets of paper and tactical data around the room.

A transparent female figure amidst the storm inside appears on the screen.]

< I can't control the MJOLNIR! What's going on!? How did I get out!? >

< What's happenening to me!? >

((OOC: SO. Daisy is now an air elemental, or an alchemical sylph if you will, composed of pure wind. Replies will be made with [livejournal.com profile] blooming_daisy))
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[As soon as SPARTAN-023 is allowed out of bed rest, she suits herself up in her MJOLNIR Mark IV armor, a seven-feet tall behemoth of metal and red with a golden faceplate. Once again inside of what she thought of as her second skin (Even with her white wings stuffed beneath the gel layer), she returns to the Battle Dome.

Not to rest, of course. She wanted to test the facility.

The Chief Petty Officer, upon arrival into one of the chambers, doesn't just load enemies and shoot away, but chooses to fiddle around with the options, inspecting every alternative, every selection, and every way to insert data. While her senses had been reduced while in Luceti, she was patient enough to spend nearly an hour to analyze the programs, and even discover a way to make the damage real: An option she ignored, both for the strength of Covenant weaponry, and because she cherished her armor too much to damage it in a mere training session.

After all, Shirou and Rin were gone.

Once satisfied, she sets the gravity to 1.08G -Reach's-, inputs information about her weapons, materializes a forest environment -Luceti's-, and inserts a new entry on the databases that, if her intel on the previous draft was correct, was similar in power and tactics to the foot soldiers of the Third Party Cult.

SPARTAN-023 prepares herself. From beyond the woods, abominations with hind legs, four jaws, and ornate armor, spawn with their alien weapons, sometimes even blades of energy. All of them calling out for the blood of the Spartan.

She begins.]
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[The Spartan breathes deeply before speaking. There is a lack of energy in her voice. Depressed, almost.]

This is Sierra TwentyThree. I wasn't drafted.

[There is a long pause as she lets it sink in.]

To all entering combat, please provide combat intel upon returning. These Shifters. I want to know how if there can be a way to identify them in the battlefield. What kind of powers can they disable. [Worried about losing her augs and MJOLNIR? A Spartan calls that a challenge.] At this point, precision weaponry seems to be the best choice against them.

The Third Party will be attacking a resource point. We'll need to keep resources stocked up. If the op fails.


Shirou. Rin. Major Jordan. Miss Rydia. Miss Nami. Captain Adell... Valvalis. [The last name is spoken with hesitance... for much more complex issues.]

If any of you need long-distance support, before or during operations, I am here.


Good luck, everyone.

Sierra TwentyThree, out.

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[A metallic being in black and red armor, nearing seven feet tall, looks at the journal from a golden visor, then steps back.]

This is Sierra TwentyThree, transmitting on an open channel.

UNSC comm systems seemingly incompatible with Luceti journal network. Whenever if the barrier blocks radio signals to the outside, or if radio tech is incompatible with this world, it will need further tests.

Recording special session with both the journal and the helmet, for analysis and, should anybody from the UNSC receive this, keep this for posterity on the variations on the laws of physics.

Current day is February 14, 2531. [It reserves herself a chuckle.] Valentine's day. Test number seven.

[The armored being sets itself in a combat stance.]

Commencing in Three. Two. One.

[The Spartan does several very swift movements resembling both CQB attacks and martial arts movements.

But nothing happens. The person in armor doesn't seem to be that bothered by it. She walks towards the journal, and holycrapitsheadhissesandgoes-- wait. It's Daisy. She shakes her hair.]

Test results remain negative, both inside and outside armor. Contact with filial spirits may become necessary for results.

Sierra TwentyThree, out.

((OOC: First post goes to Valvalis. Go nuts.))
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[There is a blond, 6ft 9in tall woman in a white suit, serving as her temporary alternative to what should have been the UNSC's Navy Service Uniform. She looks at the book, then gathers her breath to begin to talk.]

This is Sierra Twenty-Three, transmitting on an open channel. Any and all UNSC Forces in the area, respond.

[A pause, then an annoyed sigh. She was too used to her world, but she had to try, anyway.]

For everyone to whom I have not presented myself to, I am Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-023, United Nations Space Command, Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three, Naval Special Warfare.

I want to thank those that got me up to speed and assisted me during my introduction into this world. My world never had experience with spectral powers, so my hesitance to believe was... hindering.

[How can she explain the way she was without giving away too much?]

As my title and rank mentions, I belong to the armed forces of my world, so my return to a vaguely civilian life was unsettling in several ways, but I will do my best to adapt, and aid all whom I can.

Sierra Twenty-Three, out.


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